Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aunt Rose!

Aunt Rose, the cousins and I, have tried to figure out why we haven't spent more time together until the last few years. I guess there are many reasons; mostly, I think, due to Jack and I running around with the kids, church stuff, differing schedules, etc. But now, Aunt Rose and I have our monthly or semi-monthly lunches, and I've recently spent some fun times with my cousins, who (shame on me!) only live an hour away!
 I snapped this pic at Sanford Airport two weeks ago, as she fearlessly hopped a plane for North Carolina to see cousin Linda. (at 5 am, no less; she was sharper than I was!) She's gonna fuss at me for this...but I WANNA BE PLANE HOPPING AT 81 YEARS OLD, TOO! There. I "went there" and told your age, Aunt Rose. I'm sorry, but I just so love your spirit! You go, girl!

We all shared a special day last week; a celebration of three birthdays: Aunt Rose, as she nears her 82 birthday later this week; cousin Dan (uh, he's the one on the right ; ) just turning 60 and almost retired (and boy, is he making the most of it!), and precious great-grandbaby/grandbaby Arcadia, who turns all of 1 next month (obvs not pictured). Along with lovely cousin Jane (equally as tenacious as her momma!), we had a wonderful time, kinda getting to know each other (and our extended families) all over again since it's been so long. We have to do this more often!!!

So, in honor of: beautiful (inside and out), hip, wise, independent, accepting, entertaining (this little lady tells the best "cute" jokes!), keen, tell-it-like-it-is, fabulous Rose...cheers! (and "oven off"!) Uncle Dick has gotta be so proud of you! ♥

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