Monday, April 7, 2014

A Week of Blessings Abound

Last Sunday, Jack and I were at a mystery dinner theater in Kissimmee with our K of C friends. When my phone rang during the show, I didn't recognize the number, so I let it go to voicemail. When I checked the message at intermission, I found it was from my brother-in-law, Gordon. He said, "I'm trying to put your sister in the car tomorrow, Monday, and show up at your house on Tuesday...if that's ok." Ummmm....heck yeah, come on down! So these nice people below came to escape the cold and visit, and we had a wonderful week of eating, drinking (I know, I know), and catching up!

Jack was headed out to shrimp the last night Connie & Gordon were here, but we managed to have some fun anyway ;) (notice the long clothes on the Floridians)

Lindsay came home to see our visitors on Thursday, so for fun, Con, Linds and I got tattoos and pedis! Ok...we all three got pedis, but only Lindsay got a tat! Three is a lucky number in our fam, and she'd been hankerin' for a tattoo for a long time. I totally "get it", I'm very happy with mine :)

Con and Gordon said goodbye by 6 am on Saturday, and their departure reminded me of my favorite children's book, (which you already know) When the Relatives Came.We crawled back in bed after they honked and drove away, but we were already missing them. 

Sunday brought us joy, however, as our beautiful boy was welcomed into the Church!

His momma and daddy sure were proud, as we all were. He didn't make a peep as he was baptized a child of God, cold water and all ♥ (look how BIG he's getting, he's 7 weeks old today!)

Yeah...we're not happy to be this guy's grandparents, huh?!

The. Sweetest. Face. Ever. 
I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it! ;)

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