Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Year That Was 2014

I don't think we realize how much we've done/accomplished/lived in a year's time until we look back at pictures. You definitely know I'm a picture nut by now...again, Jack is very patient while I snap 267,833 photos everywhere we go (although sometimes he's like, "Just look with your eyes, hon, you're missing things!"). I've never had a great memory, and when I do remember things, they're the silly, "who cares?" kinda moments. Sigh. So pictures are my memories.
In 2014, I didn't go on an exotic vacation (I didn't even travel farther than 412 miles north!). I didn't win any awards. I didn't increase my earning potential. I didn't lose weight (or even remotely get in shape). I didn't learn a new language or learn to play an instrument. I didn't even finish a book (at least I don't remember finishing a book ;) But the events of the year that was were more gratifying and exciting than any of the things I didn't do, and those are things I captured in non-studio quality, real-life, pics ☺

(*use of the word "I" below actually means "we" in most cases, but it's my blog ;)

I bought a boat, and made this guy the happiest hunter around.

I became a Nanny! My shiniest, happiest, most amazing moment of the year! ♥

I walked for my brother Tom.

I helped throw a really fun, successful St. Pat's party!

I helped welcome a new member to God's family.

I had many a nice visit with this amazing gal.

And this one, too, along with her indestructible, bionic hubby.

I enjoyed the most fun Mother's Day yet with these two beauties, and spent the worst day of my life the next day, recovering from it.

I went to the zoo with my guy, for the first time in at least 20 years.

I witnessed a proud moment when 4 generations of Ehrigs got together.

I watched my girl get her first tattoo, and got one myself, to commemorate our trip to London.

I spent a fabulous Sisters' week with real sisters, my girl, and my like-a-sister bestie.

I delighted in a wine and vodka tasting! (this cracks me up every time, because that's the furthest I could get off the ground!)

I threw quite a few (really fun!) parties!

I helped to celebrate the engagement of our long time, like-a-daughter friend.

I visited these maniacs, three times this year! (we may be wearing out our welcome at the Goose Creek Inn!)

I took a painting class!

I helped move Al & Court into their new home, even though it was tough not having them around the corner anymore.

I took another painting class!

I gave a painting class! (as Bob Ross)

Aaaanndd, I took a third painting class! (Ok, I'm done, I'm painted out!)

I shopped a lot, with my other two besties, many, many times during the year!

I ran up my biggest tab yet on Thanksgiving Eve with these three! It was so wonderful to have them together again (and we all love beer ;)

I got to enjoy this li'l fella right here's first trip to see Santa. That look is priceless!

I got to spend one of the nicest Christmases ever with these two; I was as sick as a dog, but somehow it didn't even matter.

I got to see Christmas through the wonder of this guy's eyes ♥

I welcomed new neighbors that we'll be spending many fun-filled years with! 

I crafted and made family cookbooks for my girls; I ate macarons (yes, macarons), chicken and waffles, duck fat fries and to-die-for smoked corn salad; I threw retirement parties, went to funerals of dear friends, welcomed new babies, and helplessly watched aging parents; I cooked hundreds of meals, drank lovely new wines, took a cooking class and visited a tea plantation; spent 2,080 hours with my work family, and countless hours with family and friends. Whew!
 I can't wait to see what 2015 holds! 

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