Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dolce Girls Go Mad! (Men)

I was born too late. Nothing makes me happier than a cocktail, a little Dean Martin crooning on Pandora, and a smoke. Ok, not the smoke so much, but the whole era of "no worries". Jack reminds me frequently of my Dad's mantra: drink like hell, smoke like hell, and....well, never mind the last part, but the basic message was enjoy life. So this party's theme was one I've wanted to do for quite some time: 50's/60's Hollywood/Mad Men...and awayyyy we go!

I'm a ham, and I get it honest enough; I'm my mother's daughter. When this party's theme was decided, the girls were scrambling to find an outfit. Not me! I had so many dresses that would fit the bill, it was an obvious sign again that I'm from another era. Just me, cheesin' it up for the camera.

For some crazy reason I've never gotten into watching Mad Men, but I'll get to it! Me & my own Don Draper ♥ (those are Jack's real prescription glasses, btw!) Time for the guests!

Cathy & Debbie wow'd us with their outfits, glasses and pearls! Adorable!
 Doris went classy with her fascinator, while Annie channeled Mary Tyler Moore, and Foozer went for the peace and love of the sixties! (notice her "cigarette"? It's rolled a bit differently than everyone else's! ;) Love it all!

 Laura & Becky were "dishing" at the bar! Holly Golightly meets Annette Funicello! (Deb bought those cool cigs at a costume shop, and they were a hit! I "dragged" on mine all night!)

Raquel Welch had nothing on Bev! England better look out next month when the two of us hit their shores!

 Group pic #1. Jack took this one before he and Lee took off for wings and beer. These are some hot 60's chicks!

Group pic #2. We were missing Tina (polka dots and an adorable homemade pillbox!) & Marcy (a fabulous Audrey Hepburn!) from pic #1, so we set the timer for this one. What a hoot just trying to get the photo!
Next up: props and food!

 Candy "cigarettes". The packaging is very politically correct, not mentioning "cigarette" anywhere. I had to order these online; what happened to the corner candy store?! Most of those drink stirrers were Mom & Dad's, from American Airlines to the Middleboro Inn in Essex, MD. And who has ashtrays anymore?! Deb & I found this cool "playing cards" themed one was from the thrift store.

 Our friend Donny lent us the handmade ceramic ashtray that his mom made in the 60's! The fabulous glasses came, again, from the thrift store; they're already washed and have a place in the bar! 

 Punch was a cocktail party staple in the 60's; I kicked this one up a notch by supersizing Jack's favorite new cocktail, the Peach Palmer. Now...the food!

Ummm, YUCK! We all decided that our parents were poisoned with this stuff: deviled eggs (FAT), Vienna sausages (what ARE they?! Preservatives and potted meat, double yuck!), fruited jello mold (is gelatin even good for you?!), fritos (sodium), ham & pickle rolls (super sodium), cheese balls (fat AND salt), deviled ham sandwiches (don't even ask about this one!), Swedish meatballs (with canned mushroom soup, of course) and pimento cheese (ok, truth is, I actually love this stuff)! Marcy and Tina came later with Ruffles & French onion dip (which were heaven, I don't care how bad they are for you...what great childhood memories!) and tuna casserole (which was fabulous). The gorgeous dish in the back left corner is Bev's strawberry cream trifle with English custard (now THAT was a winner!).

We all hope the 70's had better (for you) food...stayed tuned for the Dolce version of the Disco 70's!
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