Saturday, May 3, 2014

My North Dakota Vacation

Ok, it's not really my vacation. My 'farmer' took off this morning to visit his brother-from-another-mother, Ty, and his family; ready to run a plow and deliver cows and get dirty. He was in heaven. And I kinda am too. I spent today paying bills, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms and grocery shopping...getting things 'done' that for the next two weeks, I can PLAY!

I'm not gonna lie; during the two weeks that Jack is gone, the first week is fun. The girls and I go to dinner, shop, go to the movies, shop, drink wine, get the picture. I'm spending Mother's Day weekend in Tampa, hanging and eating with my girl. And I get to eat stuff that Jack doesn't care for, but that I love. FISH. A "super foods" salad. Beets. Green tea. Organic sweet potato chips (Late July brand, thank you, Connie!). Beans. Mmmmmm, good stuff. When I got to the checkout at Publix this afternoon, and put my multi-pack toilet paper, bottled water and kale on the conveyor belt, I reminded myself of the folks I look at and think, "What kind of weird conglomeration of food is that? That doesn't go together, what are they thinking?!" I guess either their spouses are on vacation too, or they're alone, or they just don't care and eat whatever they like.

This is my superfood salad: kale, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, chicken, pepitas and dried cranberries. Oh yeah...and wine.

But lemme tell ya...week's kinda sad. I miss waking up to his snoring. I miss telling him all the things I thought of during the day that he would laugh about.  I miss him telling me about his day, and I miss watching Jeopardy with him. Yep, I just miss him. So for the next week, it'll all be good. But by week two, gimme a call. And on May 17th, after I pick him up and we get back home...don't call till Sunday ;)

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