Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top 5 Things I Did on Spring Break

Hey, why can't adults have spring break?! Jack had his in North Dakota (at 7°, he can have it!); I stayed in FL and had a 'normal' spring break. Ok, I'm not 18, but I was in Florida!
So here we go...

Number 5: Shopping!
I shopped. Errr, kind of alot. Linds and I even bought matching long dresses! And that's all I'm going to say about shopping. ;) (Jack reads this blog, ya know!)

Number 4: Eating!
I ate. A lot. I ate at Valentino's with the girls. I ate at Cloiber's with Patti. I ate at Tuscany Grill with Brian. I ate at Amici's with Laura. I ate at Leoncito with the kids and Debbie. I ate homemade fish tacos with Al. I ate lasagna with my in-laws (I even got to talk! ;) I ate popcorn and fish for dinner (with wine, of course). My Weight Watcher weigh-in today was ugly. Real ugly. -_- Sigh.

Number 3: Partying!
 I spent the best afternoon with my best friend, celebrating her 50th (yep, folks, she's 50!) birthday. With a walker ;) And an amazing cake, made by her talented, beautiful daughter, surrounded by friends and family and love and laughter. And I got to play with my adopted grandchildren! Life is good ♥

Number 2: Partying Some More!
I spent the weekend with Lindsay at 'Caberet & Cabernet', at the Orlando Rosen School of Hospitality's capstone project. We had the best time ever: eating fabulous food, drinking wonderful wines (the bartender knew us well after just "Round 1"...Ehrig girls were there to party!) and watching 'Horray for Hollywood' old-style entertainment! How fun was that?! LOTS!
And here we go with NUMERO UNO...
Watching Downton!
OH. MY. GOSH! This show is addicting! So, many thanks to Melissa, who loaned me all three seasons! Deb and I started watching while Jack was gone (eating fish and nachos and drinking wine), and I tried really hard not to watch unless we could continue to watch together...ummmm, nope. My need for instant gratification took precedence, so even tho Deb couldn't make it, I marathoned it Friday night and Saturday afternoon before Jack came home. Then the craziest thing happened...Jack got home and watched it with me...and got hooked, too! Maybe it's just because we're heading to England this summer?! Maybe, but the show's reallllyyy good! I even tried to get us tickets to Highclere Castle for July, but tours are booked solid throught the summer, darn it!
So there you have it. And if you don't follow me on Facebook, tonight I booked our tickets on the train from England to Paris for July! So be prepared to be bored or excited (however you see it), cuz I'm gonna be blogging another vacation!
See ya soon!

Friday, April 12, 2013

He Left Me!

Again! No shotgun, no duck call, no hunting license required; this time he's off to birth calves and be a ranch hand. With his camo jacket in hand, wearing a flannel shirt and new boots, he set out for the cold (and still snowy!) north, and couldn't have been happier (and I'm happy for him, but I'm also happy to stay in sunny Florida!).
My very own Marlboro Man, ready for...errrr...ranchin', I guess!
And me? Well, since there was no one home tonight, I figured I'd take myself out for a bite to eat... just me and 10 of my closest friends! We headed to one of everyone's favorite spots, Valentino's. (where Jack and I had many date nights, hundreds of years ago!) We all saw other friends there, too, which is really very nice about Titusville.

 Fun facts about this picture: #1. the Sheriff himself took it for us (thank you again, Wayne Ivey!)
#2. I have no idea whose leg is behind Patti's chair. (Jk, it's mine, but I don't remember taking it off and putting it there...)
Mom would love this picture of Patti and I. I know I do! ☺

That sly minx in the background knew darn well that she was photo-bombing our picture! Laura is already very "happy" here, even though Debbie has most of the booze in front of her. 

Don't let those water glasses fool ya, if ya know what I mean! ;)

Carolyn and Nicole are unimpressed with the shenanigans going on in the background! It's ok, so were all the other diners.
So...that wraps up night #1. What to do tomorrow?!
And, oh yeah...I miss you, hon! ;)

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