Monday, February 3, 2014

From Silver to Diamond

Five years ago, on our 25th anniversary, I honestly remember thinking, "Wow, our next big celebration will be our 30th...Lord only knows where we'll be then!" And I was right, only the Lord knew; he brought us through 5 years of happiness, love, grief and joy. My best friend and I have gone from a full house to an empty nest, and we've loved every minute of the past 1,826 days!

February, 2009
We were just babies ;)

2009 was a big year for his folks, too, as they celebrated their 60th anniversary!

In the next few years:

We sent our girl off to college. (I still miss her this much!)

And said goodbye to our beautiful Mom. ♥

My friendships with my girlfriends grew closer, and the Dolce Girls were born. (gray hair, what was I thinking?!)

I made my first trip to Europe. (Jack went to North Dakota as we agreed sometimes separate vacations are a good idea!)

We said goodbye to our best friends, and wished them good luck. (but we visit often!)

We took our fifth cruise!

Many a duck's lives were cut short in 5 seasons of hunting. (I can't take it, they're so pretty, it still makes me sad!)

We remodeled! Finally!

We proudly watched that same little girl get her college degree! 

 I went back to Europe! (with my best guy this time, and pledged our love on the Lover's Bridge. Awwww! ;)

We had a wedding, and gained a wonderful daughter-in-law. (look at the smile on that guy's face!)

As I looked back over 5 years worth of photos, it was ridiculously hard to choose which ones to use. There were so many happy occasions, family visits and vacations; lots of delicious meals (I finally learned to cook real food!), fabulous wines and parties galore. We've had job promotions, met new friends, and celebrated our 50th birthdays; bought new cars, a new boat (it hasn't even been delivered yet!) and opened our own "pub"! Most importantly, we've had good health, wonderful kids and fantastic friends; all of those things, plus so many more, equal 30 years of a blessed married life. So cheers to everyone who's been a part of those years, and sláinte to all of our years ahead!

(Happy anniversary, hon, I love you ♥)

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