Sunday, March 9, 2014

And Then Came Zachary Taylor...

...and the world got a whole lot more beautiful ♥

Countless times during Samantha & Jackson's pregnancy, family and friends told us how much we would love being grandparents, and we knew it was going to be really sweet (the whole "spoil 'em and give 'em back" thing sounded like a great way to get back at your kid). Then came the time; as our champion of a daughter-in-law worked and pushed (literally uttering not one single word of complaint), and our own baby stood by her side telling her she was doing great, I sat and watched and smiled like an idiot and cried. I worried (like I always do) for Samantha's pain, for this new baby, for my son being a father, for Jack and I being grandparents...GRANDPARENTS?! Then this lil guy right here came squalling out into that labor room, and all of our lives were different: better, more tired, happier, broker, awe-struck, complete. Our child's child. God is good.

His hospital photo, all of 20 hours old. Laying in our boy's hands; hands that will guide him and protect him and encourage him.

Zach's first real photo shoot is below ☺ My extremely talented gal pal, Kristyn, 
(shameless plug here), captured these beautiful photos of our 5-day-old grandson (we have a grandson, I love to say it!) He was perfect for the whole hour as Kristyn gently undressed, re-dressed, shuffled, wrapped and propped him. He's gonna be a star! 

No words. Is it wrong to wanna cry when I look at him?!

Wish he was more alert ;) Jackson and Samantha are gonna have their hands full with this guy, I think!


I'm starting to know this expression. It involves gas. Lots of it.

Squish face. I'm thinkin' more gas.

Yep, the sonogram was right. He's a boy ☺

First fishin' outfit. All ready for Pap to take him out in the new boat.

Blue boy.

These guys right here = love.

Give your old man hell, Zach. He has it comin'.

Five days in, I'm thinkin' they all look pretty content.

Hold him tight, guys. Next time you look, he'll be all grown up.

This photo made the cut because Zach looks so big (and I think my face is airbrushed and I look about 5 years younger. Thank you, Kristyn)

That's it. He's perfectly wonderful, and we're keepin' him ♥

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