Sunday, November 2, 2014

Eat, Drink & Be Scary IV! (along with some happy trees!)

Last year, right before Halloween, I was a bit busy; kiddo #1 was headed down the aisle, and I was plum tuckered out. So when the Dolce Girls inquired about a party this year, I was refreshed and ready to go! The costumes were trumped this time though, by our new-found passion...painting! (not the house walls, guys, don't get any ideas) I was invited by our friend Robin to a "Sip n' Paint" class a few weeks back...BYOB (yay!), follow along with the instructor, and simply paint! I loved it, and I thought, "Hey, I can do that!" (me and my big ideas!) The girlfriends were totally on board as their fearless (crazy) friend (me!) decided to teach a painting class! (this apparently is what all that art school tuition paid for)

Debbie was the Ethel to my Lucy, the Barney to my Fred; she found the picture to paint, watched the video with me, helped purchase supplies, and did a "practice run" with me the week before. And when it was time to set-up, Connie was here on a quick visit, and helped SO much in getting ready for the fourteen budding ar-teests that would show up Friday night!

Who better to dress as than THE master painter, Bob Ross! The ladies had the option to paint a "happy tree" (with cherry blossoms) or a "scary tree" with a lone bird. (Bob wouldn't have liked that; he liked all his birds to have a friend!)

Debbie was my faithful helper, giving assistance and guidance and being an all around cheerleader! (Ps. She was wearing labels with all the ladies' names, "social security" numbers and "bank info"...she was an IDENTITY THIEF! Ba-dum-bum!)

We had a blast, and these ladies were phenomenal! Look at all those great paintings!
Look out, Picasso, here come the Dolce Girls! ;)

Then later that weekend, I had a visit with the babe...he had had a virus for a few days and was quite under the weather, but was bouncing I went over to snap a few pics!
Love. That's it. Just "love" ♥

It was so nice to see his smile again after a couple of rough days (according to his Mom & Dad; Nannys get the luxury of not having to always see when the lil nuggets are sick)

So, anyhow...Jack has been in North Dakota and comes back on Thursday. It's been a busy week and a half while he's been gone, and now I start gearing up to welcome him back home. (The "no cooking" part is always nice, but I miss him)
Ask me again on Friday, though. ;)

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