Monday, September 2, 2013

From Soho Down to Brighton, I Must Have Played Them All!

Day 6 Flimwell to Brighton Beach

Yeah, yeah, I know it's silly, but I've been waiting to title this blog! We really were in Soho on our London day, and day six takes us to Brighton! Look out, Pinball Wizard!

This trip was about an hour and 20 minutes; Lindsay's car sickness was starting to get the best of her (nausea and headaches), so we stopped at a chemist in Robertsbridge on the way for some travel sickness medicine.
Photo op! A cute Italian bakery on the corner of the high street.

Making our way to the chemist...this poor kid has had it! We picked up the English equivalent of Dramamine (I found out on my trip two years ago that nothing in their drug stores looks like ours!), even though the kind lady behind us in line said that a hard boiled egg works way better than any medicine at the start of a long car trip. Hmm...well ok, then!

We're here! A lovely mermaid welcomed us at the marina, which was huge and full of outdoor restaurants. Now we're off to find the beach! Hope you brought your bathing suit!
Errrr, you actually don't need one here! See the area of beach mounded up on the right? That's the naturalist's part of the beach, so feel free to let it all hang out ;) Eeek, let's get on the trolley car and get to the pier!

Our pretty girl posing by the Brighton Wheel; there's a VIP 'capsule' available for special events (if you'd like to spend $93 per person for six revolutions and a glass of champagne)! I'll pass on the bird's eye view, especially since there's a pretty good chance of seeing a naturalist right down the beach!This Wheel was erected in 2011, with permission to stay there until 2016.  

This view of the pier with its colorful chairs was so inviting, I decided to take off my shoes and walk down the beach :)

Holy cow, this hurts! BEACH?! Even coquina sand is easier to walk on than rocks! I have no idea how the folks walk around barefoot, but they do.
It was another sweltering day, so ice cream sounded fabulous even though it was 11o'clock in the morning. We talked every day about getting ice cream, so here was our chance! It came with a chocolate 'flake' stuck in the side, which was crumbly, light chocolate. Deeelishhh!
There was lots o' carnival fare: fish and chips, toffee apples, candy floss (that's cotton candy, folks) and seafood galore; in particular, jellied eels, which I learned is a traditional East End London dish since the 1800's. Thanks for that, East London.

Peeking back at the beach through the railing.

I loved this view, too, and it shows the ledge from the "beach" to the water...see the kid crawling up it?!

Bev then directed us to The Lanes, where all the shops and restaurants are. It was colorful and lively, and every restaurant and café had an outdoor eating area. Time for lunch!

We decided on the Cricketers; the food was wonderful, as I know now all pub food is.

Inside by the bar, which I'm thinking is only used in the evening. Love the photos on the ceiling!

Lindsay and I had sausage rolls (again)! I developed quite a taste for Colman's mustard (HOT!) in these 6 days, and lemme tell ya, sausage rolls and Colman's with a cold cider or beer is next to heaven!

We left the pier, and swung by The Rock for a pint; Jeannie and her hubby Denis (who the locals still remember fondly!) used to manage this pub, so Bev knows it quite well!
I liked the "snug bar" door entrance on the side...maybe this was Bev's secret entrance at one time?! ;)
Are you as tired as I am? (maybe it's all the cider!) Let's head back home for some time in the garden!
This abandoned church (it must have been beautiful in its day!) is right next to our last stop at Jempson's grocery to re-stock; we plowed through a ton of English cheddar and mini sausage rolls every night with our nightcaps! Good Lord, no wonder my pants were tight by the end of the first week!
Next up: PARIS! But it may not be what you imagine...

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