Saturday, March 17, 2012

Colcannon & Beer Cake!

Just a quick post if you're interested in doing a little Irish cooking...these dishes were for a work potluck on Thursday. Only thing missing was a cold pint to go with them!

The beautiful, nearly-black beginning of the batter for Guinness Cake. All ingredients were wisked together in a large saucepan. Easy peasy!

The cake is baked in a parchment lined springform pan, I guess since it's a bit thin. It sure thickens up though; the cake is very dense, but moist. When I told a baker friend at work that it had dark beer in it, she knew right away that it would be heavy, so I'm learning!

Yummm! I topped it with Bailey's buttercream frosting (instead of cream cheese, which the recipe called for), and it seemed to be a hit. Any cake made with Guinness, butter, sugar & flour, and topped with Irish cream is bound to be a favorite of mine!

The Colcannon potatoes were my favorite. The recipe says to make the potatoes and cabbage separate, but I boiled the cabbage right with the potatoes when they seemed to be about halfway done. I added a bit more butter, but that was the only thing I did different.

So, today you can celebrate by either hoisting a "jar" (I learned that in Ireland) or a piece of cake!
Either way, Bain taithneamh as an deireadh seachtaine!
(enjoy the weekend!)
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