Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Week (or so) in the Life of an Ehrig

The title sounds exciting, huh? Yeah, I know, not so much. But Yara asked me at church today how my summer has been, and I was thinking, "It's been summer?!" Oh, I guess it has! The last two + months have been kinda crazy hectic, and the last two weeks have brought even more surprises!

Jax' truck was in need of replacement (witnessed by a number of 4 am phone calls asking, "Can I borrow Dad's truck?" and 130,000+ miles in 5 years), so off to Nissan we went. He is now the proud owner of this beautiful Frontier, with every bell and whistle you can think of! Congrats #1! 

I made this for dinner somewhere in there, and it was really good! This food blogger is one of my favorites:

Then we got THIS bright idea! I had given up group fitness awhile back, and Jack discovered he enjoyed the treadmill much more than he ever thought he would, so after a bit of room re-arranging, here is our new personal trainer! Please, don't tell me yours is a very expensive clothes hanger (it wasn't just you, Laurie!); we're hoping to stay motivated just like my fitness sis, Ann, who's been faithful to hers for years : )

It really is a beastly looking thing, isn't it? It has a fan! It has a bajillion programs! It has a nice stereo system! It has a heart monitoring system! It has 0% financing! Congrats #2!

Then this happened. I KNOW!!! Dang you, Uhaul!!! Like Alex said, he's gonna buy stock! So Lindsay and her little car came home from Tampa, and...

TA-DAH! The new car trend continues! It was meant to be; it had 3 (our lucky number) miles on it, and the salesman's name was Jack. What a cute lil sportster this car is! In her favorite color, with her very own payment book! Yay us! Congrats #3!

More bells and whistles, with a stereo system that shows album covers of the music she's playing. Do not look at that, Linds, keep your eyes on the road! Sheesh.

And then this happened. My beloved Sonata was traded in for an Accord yesterday. We have lots of traveling to do, and the old girl was getting long in the tooth (my old car, not me!), so off to the boneyard she went. Jack (the lucky salesman again) asked if I wanted time alone with her (he could tell the trade-up was bittersweet), so I said my goodbye. But HELLO! new shiny, fun car, we're going to get along great! ♥ That was a quick turnaround! ; ) Congrats #4!

Shameless plug: Ron Norris Honda is the first car dealership where we felt like we didn't "take it in the shorts" as Jack (MY Jack) says! You didn't think the salesman would say that, did you?! They were awesome, and I think they've found customers for life.

Beep, beep! Happy motoring to us! ☺

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