Friday, August 3, 2012

On The Move (Literally!)

This has been the summer of "big moves" for us. It's actually been the summer of "fattening Uhaul's profits" (three truck rentals in 8 weeks; one trip to Orlando to pick up donated furniture from cousin Doris, and two moves), but their slogan is right: using a Uhaul does 'make moving easier'! Whew!

Al got his promotion and landed a beautiful home in Merritt Island with his best bud Jon. Check out that back yard! I'm jealous! So is Jack, cuz there's ducks on that thar pond!

Their kitchen is awesome (certainly nicer than ours!) Wonder when we'll be invited to dinner? (that's your cue, Al, give us a call!) 

Apparently, this is a great room for a beer pong table. Al and Jon are genuine "pickers"; within days, they found an abandoned ping pong table that needed just a few tweaks to do the job.
"Hello? Is that you, Alex? Sure, I'll be right over!" ; )

Five weeks later, it's time to move Linds again. You may remember my post from this exact same time last summer. No better time to move...summer in Florida! Aahhh, college life!

This is last year's move in (to the third floor). We borrowed a plumber's cart...that was one rough move! And HOTTER than HOT!

But back to this move...load #1 of, I think, 7...where did all this stuff come from?! This lil girl is an excellent packer, though! She had all of her belongings boxed and staged when we pulled into town, ready to go.

Linds and I took care of loading the cart and running it down to Jack to pack in the truck. She was very excited about this move!

This year's move out. This is Jack taking the last load out on his prized new dolly. That thing sure made this move a breeze (kinda) compared to last year! And it was still hot, but nothing like last year.

One last vac of the nasty old carpet. We forgot the poles to the shop vac, so I had to get on my hands and knees, blech! That smile looks kinda fake, huh? It was.

A true Ehrig. Never forget the booze!!! And there's a fridge at the hotel! Cool!

Anyway, we needed a truck again since we took over her desk, a bed, and two small end tables. She had to be out of College Court on the 31st, but couldn't move into her new place until the 1st, so we stashed all of her worldly belongings in the truck for the night, and pulled into our now familiar stompin' ground, the Hampton Inn. We had the best time at the hotel; we all snuggled in the big bed and watched the Olympics for nearly 8 hours, pausing only to hit the "manager's reception" for free food, beer and wine. I KNOW!!! We were in heaven!

The new place. In the back of the building. Down the mossy, wet pathway. Up a few rickety, slippery stairs. Errr, yesterday's move wasn't so bad after all! Just kidding, it went really well. Everything was "in" in less than an hour. A trip to Lowe's for us, a trip to Publix for Linds, and she was set.

It's such a cute place, much nicer than the last. This is our traditional move-in feast (subs or fried chicken), always eaten on the floor in the living room. I dunno why, it just always happens that way, and we love it.

The roomies! (2 outta 3; you made the blog again, Jordan!) Good luck, kiddos, Dad and I miss you!
Well, kinda...
; )

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