Sunday, November 25, 2012

We Need More 5 Day Weekends!

Going back to work after a normal two day weekend is no fun, but going back to work after a long holiday weekend is the pits! Don't get me wrong; I'm extremely blessed and thankful for my job, but c'mon, don't you agree? I dream of the day when the days are reversed...two work days and five day weekends! Yeah!
I had to good fortune to be off on Wednesday to prepare most of my dishes ahead of time, which worked out great. I wanted to get as much as possible done before our girl got home later that day, because she and I planned to just sit and snuggle and visit, as we both desperately needed it! She pulled up right on time, with one stinky cat along for the ride (and I mean STINKY! He pooped in his cage about 5 minutes into the 2 hour drive) Hilarity ensued as Linds gave him his second bath in two days (betcha didn't know cats hate water)....

HE WAS NOT HAPPY! This picture makes me laugh every time. Doesn't he look like one of those hairless cats?! Poor Harrison...
(please ignore the stained grout)
She got him all cleaned up, and he went about his business scoping out the house again. He really does like it here ☺
See? He's fine. He made himself right at home later in the evening, helping himself to our Scrabble game (he kept laying on my letters, trying to make me lose my train of thought. No way, buddy, but good try!).
I don't know if everyone has appetizers on such an already 'big eating day', but it's a good thing we do, because I told Patti & Dave to be here an hour too early. Sigh. I was guess I was just excited, and anyway, we had a great visit. I love the fresh cranberry salsa (I actually think I'm the only one who does) and everyone loves Patti's deviled eggs. They were gone in a flash!

Here's our hard-working guys. In all the years I've made turkeys, I've never carved (whew)! And see? The egg platter's empty!

Dave makin' the taters. I love all this help, guys! And I am truly blessed, because Jack always does all the after-dinner dishes! (thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!)

Thankful for these folks right here ♥ And that big pan of Patti's cornbread stuffing.
('Scuse Al, he was still a little sleepy)
One of many poses for the Christmas card photo. How did I get so small?! (I'm thinking this particular line-up didn't help)
We had a wonderful, wonderful day! We ended the day with our traditonal get-in-the-Christmas-mood-movie, Elf, our all-time favorite!
Linds and I swore we were gonna stay home in our jammies all day Black Friday, but that didn't quite work out. Our shopping hormones completely took over, and we were at Kohl's by 10:30 am. It was actually quite fun; we got in, scored our deals, and got out. This line was nothing compared to how it looked just a few minutes later. Boy, did we get lucky!
Friday night brought a "campfire" and more movies.
On Saturday, we enjoyed breakfast out, Deb came to visit, and we watched another movie!
Ahhhh, What a Wonderful Life!
Hope yours was just as great!
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