Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let the Season Begin!

Friday, November 30: the house is decorated inside (for the most part), Jack surprised me by putting up the outside lights (which I failed to notice, shame on me!), and it's already time for Christmas party #1! Let's get this party started!

My favorite guys, at Jack's precinct party at the FOP in Melbourne. He couldn't ask for a better partner and bosses ☺
Brenda, the "Precinct Mom & Work Wife", keeps them in line and puts together one fine party every year. What a blast! Don't even ask about the Gangnam Style...
Then Saturday arrived with more fun in store...Food Truck Wars!!!
The trucks officially "opened" at 4, but we got there a little early to look around, and ran into Becky and Jeff. There were about 40 trucks of every variety (including one with gourmet pet food!) in little downtown Titusville; we didn't have to go out of town to do something different for a change! It was a good thing I took these pics early, because by 5:00 the street was packed!

Cupcake Truck!
This looked interesting! Jeff was eyeing this bad boy up for a lobster roll.

TJ's Seafood Shack had me at "shrimp and grits". The cute kid in the blue shirt promised it was as good as any I'd find in Charleston, and he was right!

Creamy grits, red-eye ham gravy with some 'heat', cheese, scallions and lightly fried (which was different) shrimp. Fantastic!
Jack got pulled pork at the Gator Country truck (which specialized in...gator, of course!).

Dessert for me was a rich tiramisu gelato, while Jack enjoyed a decadent chocolate one. Heaven!

The judges look like they're struggling already, and they had just begun. Move over, I'll do it! I think the guy on the left is trying the gelato!

We sat and enjoyed the cool breeze, listening to Tony Wynn play some smoooooth jazz!
Please do this all again, Titusville.
Sunday's entertainment was a fabulous holiday concert, courtesy of the 70 piece Community Band of Brevard...

with these three lovely ladies as my dates! Aunt Rose and her gal pals stay way busier than I do, and know of all the best events in the area. And no going straight home either; we grabbed burgers and shakes afterward!
Lookout December, we've got a lot more to do!

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