Sunday, January 20, 2013

For the Love of Charleston

The third time's a charm! Actually, every time is a charm in Charleston. The gracious hosts of the Goose Creek Inn extended another invite, so last weekend we were on their doorstep! (let this be a lesson to anyone who may think that if you invite us, we wouldn't possibly come...we will!)

We started a foggy Saturday morning off with coffee and geese-watching at the now-famous Inn. These friendly fellas get fed every day, so they like to hang out...but they'd better be careful; I think Mitch has a round or two with their names on them!
Later, Laura and I did a little shopping at the local Kohl's (surprised?), then picked the guys up to head to Mass downtown before dinner.

 Luck was on our side as we (literally) nabbed a parking spot right in front of the church. This is St. John the Baptist Cathedral, which the Bakers call the 'Lego Church', and I can see why!

The gorgeous reredos behind the altar.

This organ blasted out some mighty powerful hymns! (they were actually quite deafening!) There was a church tour offered after Mass, but our dinner reservations trumped the tour, and we promised the young lady that we would certainly be back.

 Time to eat! 3 courses for $30 at Fleet just so happens we caught "Restaurant Week", and boy oh boy, is that up my alley!
This was my appetizer: a stuffed hush puppy filled with lobster, rock shrimp, leeks & corn over Creole tomato sauce. I chose the wine pairings (I know, I know) to complement my three courses, and this was paired with a luscious Pinot Grigio. Dinner was Low Country fish & chips, pickled veggies, fingerling potatoes & okra fries, served with a crisp Chardonnay. I have a problem; I LOVE food! Errrr, and wine.

This ridiculously decadent beauty was chocolate torte with fresh whipped cream, complimented by an amazing Ruby Port. I chose the Port over the pie, and saved this slice of chocolate heaven until the next day's afternoon snack! Hmmm, I have no idea where these extra pounds came from!

Sunday turned out to be another gorgeous day, so Mitch drove us to Folly Beach for a walk along the water, and to see Morris Island Lighthouse. At one time there were 15 additional buildings on the island where the lighthouse stood, but changes in tidal currents caused severe erosion on the island and it began to shrink. Today it stands alone, completely surrounded by water.
We took a break and sat on these large pieces of driftwood, directly in front of the light.
Another view of the light from further down the beach.
There was so much marine life washed up on shore during this particularly low tide. This was the biggest horseshoe crab any of us had ever seen! (with Mitch's foot being used for comparison)
After a nice walk on the beach, it was time to eat again (of course)! We stopped for more seafood at the Charleston Crab House, right off the Ashley, this is the life! (except for the no-see-ums, which surprisingly weren't so bothersome to me, for a change)
 We watched the bridge go up a number of times, as well as boats docking to grab a bite to eat. Jack could sit and watch this all day; he loves being outside, especially by the water. Me? I think cold beer tastes really good outside by the water, but you probably already knew that!
Can't wait to see what we find next time!

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