Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pheasant & Fig!

A few years ago (it seems like decades), we properly closed in the old front porch of our house (after Jackson moved out!) We had been using it as his bedroom, and he would complain about spiders (we he literally despises), ants and other creepy crawlies in that old "front room", as it had been poorly redone in the past and had many cracks and crevices that allowed Florida's wildlife in.  So...we had a new front wall and windows installed, and moved the front door.  Then my Jack-of-all-trades-wonderful-handyman-hubby hung new drywall, laid a tile floor, cut a pass-through window, trimmed, shot knock-down walls and painted, and made us a beautiful new room. A beautiful new room that was rarely ever used, until now.

This is the "old" room and entertainment center that was never used; a few weeks ago we offered it to whichever kiddo wanted it, and Jax got dibs (the tv went to Alex when he moved back out last year). So what to do with this room now?!
Our BFF Debbie suggested we turn it into a bar. Ummm, a bar? Well, OK! Now you're talkin'! So off we set in search of a bar. I checked the internet. Nah. Bars were either too expensive or too "cheap". Ugh.
On a whim, we stopped at Haverty's on the way to Doris' a few weeks ago. HELLLLOOOO! We feasted our eyes on this gorgeous piece of furniture, and our search was over! It wasn't the "stand behind" bar that we originally had in mind, but, man, we fell in love! A few negotiations later, we had a deal! ☺
*Sigh* Isn't it lovely?!  We just knew our "bar" would look fabulous in this spot!
We made two trips to Kirklands to find a mirror; we had a vision (think "Olde English"), and picked the perfect one for above the bar. Here's Handyman Jack hard at work to get it hung before our Grand Opening!
Ta-da! Now of course this pic's in the daylight; but in the evening, with a little vino, some smooth jazz, dim lights, and good company, we're all set! Debbie attended the "soft" opening on Tuesday and Wednesday, then Linds came home on Thursday for the official opening. See the pheasant on the bar?! That was Deb's gift to us, hence "pheasant" in the name!
Harrison kept an eye on the parking lot while we enjoyed our drinks.
Make your reservations now! 2-4-1 Happy Hour, drink specials (we're still working on a signature drink (thanks, Rob!), and Ladies Night on Fridays!
Welcome to Pheasant & Fig!
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