Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ladies' Night at Pheasant & Phig!

You may notice the LLC's slight name change...Fig to Phig. Cute, huh? Foozer suggested that one, and I like it. Annie E, on the other hand, quizzed me over my choice of "fig" to begin with. "You know that figs aren't indigenous to Western Europe, right?" Then something about islands, or breadfruit, or something of the like, but I stopped listening. Sigh. Just like Jack (we had the same conversation last week). I JUST LIKE FIGS, OK?! She imagined the pub to be called the "Pheasant & Crown" (which I love, but, dangit, it's too late, we've already had our Grand Opening) I'm just giving her a hard time, I love our Annie! ♥

Anyhow, our first Ladies' Night begins with some Mardi Gras flair!

Ok, these are not ladies, nor are they Mardi Gras themed. But they sure looked perfect at the bar ☺Jack, Lee & Pete were headed out to Crackerjack's for some quiet time, because Lord only knows these gals are anything but quiet!

The photog was a tad lacking, but I love this shot. Typically silly!

Our masks are donned. Except Laura & Dawn, but perhaps the photo below will give you a clue as to why Laura looks so happy, and possibly even thinks she has her mask ON.
Everyone signed the 'Guest Log'. Laura was already having a great time, and we were approximately 30 minutes into the party! (I think 'bar' said 'bark', and in case you can't make it out, it says, "I'm fairly drunk already"; then she signed her whole name just in case I wouldn't remember who she was. No worries, she had a DD!)
Mom and Dad had the coolest guest log at our big house on Walnut Street, and this is shaping up to be just a fun as that one!
Look who wanted some beads!

We had a gift exchange (cuz the Christmas ones were tooooo much fun!), and it was a hoot. Intriguing wrapping paper is the key, and these were all intriguing in different ways!

This one was different; wrapped in a taped box with used q-tips, makeup remover pads and assorted garbage. Love it! And wait till you see what was inside!

The beautiful, handmade pink cap on Linda's head! (Annie rocks the knittin' needles) Becky got the gift that Bev brought, and refused to take her Tweety off all night. Perfect!

This is our version of a King Cake. A Valentine cookie with a porcelain statue of Laura's Uncle Teck on top (don't ask, it's a long story). By the time I got around to snapping a pic, this was all that was left! And that was AFTER we ate spicy sausage stuffed mini peppers, hot wings, two versions of red beans and rice, muffalettas, kielbasa, Chinese spring rolls & dumplings (we had a dual celebration for Mardi Gras & Chinese New Year!), homemade mac n' cheese cupcakes, etcetera etcetera.
What a KREWE! ;)
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