Sunday, March 3, 2013

Home Improvement! (not the Tim Allen Show, either)

While everyone else is making New Year's Resolutions, Jack and I are busy planning New Year's Renovations. It happens every January...we get the home remodeling bug! The bug seems to come from too many cold evenings in front of the tv watching Rehab Addict, Love It or List It, House Hunters, Property get the picture; we get addicted! Some projects are small, while others are more extensive and pricey. This year's job was small; a simple coat of fresh paint in Lindsay's old room. That's it. But I really wanted a new color, which involved a new color scheme as far as decorations went. And, since the blinds were SOOOO old, they needed replaced as well. Hmmm, things are about to get a little more complicated...
  I posted a poll on Facebook to choose the new room color. "Sparrow" won, and here it is! (that's "Balsam Beige" that we're covering) And those nasty blinds on the bed? I've honestly never been happier to have something go to the dump! I hated those things!

 Next up was the accent wall, "Cracked Pepper"! Aren't we brave?! (we actually were more afraid, but it turned out great!)

See, I'm working, too, not just taking pictures! I'm the "trimmer" and the bathroom painter. I painted a Cracked Pepper accent wall in there, too! So as not to bore you silly with more snapshots of us painting, here's the finished product:

 TA DAAAA!!!! We are so happy with how it turned out! We're still on the hunt for a few decorative pieces to totally finish it, but for the most part, we're done!
The framed black and whites are my photos from places I've visited; these three are: Westminster Abbey & Big Ben in London, and a home on Meeting Street in Charleston. ☺

This night table was a find at St. Teresa's yard sale two weeks ago. I spray painted it white (still have to put some black trim around the drawer edges and sides) and just love it ♥ The lamps were $1 each. Kinda. Jack re-wired and put new switches in them, and I bought new shades. So they were $20 each. But the base is marble (justification), and I love them, too! The chalkboard reads "Enjoy your stay"!

A 50¢ find at the yard sale. Errr, kinda, again. The satin black spray paint was $4.88. But I love this, too!
Ok, moving on...Since the "new room" was going to look so nice, we decided to tackle a bigger project that we had been talking about for years... 
This whole curtain-patio-door-thing never really worked for us. The curtains never closed right, and it was dark, but we didn't know what else to do.

The aluminum doors were original to the house, and when the wind blew, you could feel it come right through every gaping crack along the frame. The summer heat poured right in, too!
Gone! We had been looking forward to this for 13 years!!! 

♪♪Alleluia! ♪♪
Jack admiring the new, solid, non-leaky frame!

And what's even better?! Mini blinds in between the glass! NO MORE CURTAINS!
A fresh coat of paint on the walls, and this room will be finito as well. Yep, we love this door! (I know it's not right, but we apparently love a lot of inanimate things) a new door as well, on the side of the house. (it doesn't look like much, but it was as spendy as the beautiful doors in the living room) The old one was literally crumbling, and this new fiberglass one makes Jack very happy.

So there ya have it. Btw, don't ask us to go out for dinner for a while. Or for drinks. Or buy raffle tickets. Or go in on a timeshare. You get it. Sigh.
Darn you, Rehab Addict! ;)

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