Saturday, March 16, 2013

Walk MS: Cruisin' For a Cause!

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day for a walk; the sky was cloudless and blue, the air cool, the sun toasty. Time to put on my sneakers, stuff those donations in an envelope, and walk for a cure! This was the Walk's first time in Viera, and it seemed to go off without a hitch!
 I'm so anal about being early for things like this. Deb and I got there before registration was even open, but folks started flowing in and the crowd grew quickly! There were a number of vendors, and even a silent auction (there was a Jameson bean-bag-toss-corn-hole-thing there, and I forgot to bid on it! Duh!)
Registration volunteers hard at work. Since it's St. Pat's weekend, the theme was lots o' green!
Here we are, TEAM PAO CRUISERS FOR A CAUSE, nearly 30 of us!

 Our top fundraisers on the right, Robyn and Michelle, with Robyn's family ☺
  A couple of us T'ville gals! The jackets were starting to come off, and we hadn't even started walking yet.

 Waiting to go...let's get this party started!
 And we're OFF!
 A sea of yellow; there were some large teams there, but I really think we were the biggest!
 I love this pic because you can see how far the walkers stretch back, and we were by no means at the front of the line! That's a lotta money bein' raised!
 We made it! 1.5 miles doesn't sound like a tremendous distance, but it was enough to start the day! This was most of us in the sweaty "after" photo ;)
I ♥ this picture, because Deb and I got photo-bombed! The "bombers" made no apologies, they just laughed and kept on going!

The official 2013 MS shirt. The completion medal. A lovely, handmade bracelet that I purchased from a generous woman who donates all proceeds to the MS Society. Every step really matters. Every dollar really counts. Thank you again to my generous family and friends, who contributed $650 for that 1.5 mile walk; Team PAO raised $1,305 in online donations alone. Still working and hoping for a cure, for Tom and hundreds of thousands of folks, all praying for that cure in their lifetime ♥

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