Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Guy

For over 27 years, he's been a dad, and he's been a great one. I'm thankful every day that he's my hubby, my friend, and the father of our kiddos.


A play mate.

A role model.

A great son.

A grillmaster.

A knowledgeable shrimper. 

An expert turkey-carver.

A master chef (who can feed 275 people a delicious meal!)

A talented jack-of-all-trades. 

A fun vacation guy!

A lover of all things duck.

A very happy boat owner (many times over!).

A best friend.

A proud Pap.

A fantastic dad.

His cell phone rings. "Dad, quick do I..." Then he answers every question like a pro: "why is my car doing..." "do you think I popped a breaker..." "how do I unclog a drain..." "what do termites look like..." "where can I buy a..." (he's not very good at the "what does mom want for her birthday" one, tho) I look at him with amazement most times, wondering how he knows so much about pretty much everything. (thankfully!) 
Happy Father's Day, hon, we love you.♥

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