Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Birthday Week Comes to a Close...

I say it every year. I have the best family & friends (co-workers, pals, drinkin' buddies, confidants,  sistas-from-anotha-motha & amigas) that a girl could ask for. You know I love attention, especially birthday attention...that's NOT a secret! This week I was indulged, showered & blessed with all the attention I could handle, and I'm so thankful (and spoiled)! It's been a hectic couple of weeks recently, but this "birthday week" has made me count every single blessing and remember how good God is once again!

These are just a few of the things that have made this week so special:

On Monday evening, a delicious, hot casserole was dropped off right at dinner time by our sweet Courtney from her wonderful is that?!

(Tuesday was a blur, but it may have involved wine ;)

Wednesday: A Sponge Bob cake at work. "A big fan, eh, Terry?" you say? No, I am not. Thirty seconds of Sponge Bob makes my ears and stomach hurt. (the only choices at the bakery were this & Ironman) BUT, this made my birthday-workday SO much fun! Along with a sea-themed card and poem, with such good folks! 

Later, it was Wine-Wednesday-Girls'-Night-Out-Birthday-Fun! We were asked to "keep it down" by management. Ooops. C'mon, girls just wanna have fun! 

Part of the "haul" from dinner..lotsa booze-themed cards & gifts...go figure! I swear, it's not just me, these gals like to party too! 

Thursday belonged to me & my girl ♥ We met for shopping and lunch in Orlando, our middle of the state meeting spot. So lucky to have this thoughtful, kind, beautiful young woman as my daughter (and friend!) (and I think she photo-shopped this picture, yay!)

No better way to spend my Friday birthday lunch than with these two beauties at Leonito! We had to skip the margaritas, but it was still good fun!

The workday was finally over, and it was time to really celebrate! Half-priced martinis and blackened tilapia = heaven! Thanks, hon! Al got to come, too ♥

Flowers and more flowers were received, numerous bottles of wine, gift cards & girly gift certificates! Birthday kisses & hugs from baby boy Zach & his momma & daddy finished the day on a perfect note ♥

Cards full of love and fun and sincere wishes. 

This entry was not meant to be showy or boastful; I simply want to share how lucky I am, and to let my family & besties know how much they are loved and appreciated. 

Alright, 51...I'm hoping for a great year!

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