Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Sugar Cookie Day, Mom ♥

I have a habit (probably very annoying to some people!) of posting odd "holidays" almost every morning on Facebook. July 9 happens to be National Sugar Cookie Day; but more importantly, today is Momma's birthday. Olive Mary Cecilia Britcher Sheaffer Weaver would have been 81 today. Life has been a bit hectic lately, Mom, but there's no way I would miss the opportunity to celebrate you today!

In honor of the sugar cookie, here is Grandma Aggie Sheaffer's renowned recipe...Mom made these at Christmastime (then hid them, along with the chocolate chip cookies, Russian rocks, etc, but we alwasy found them). Aggie was the only mother-in-law Mom ever knew, and (in the short time I knew her) she was a lovely, clever woman. You may, however, want to use "mace" instead of "maze"! (I didn't know much about cooking/baking when I wrote this! Obviously!)
The following are recipes that just make me smile, and fondly remember my Momma:

This is Mom's handwriting ♥ Coconut macaroons were Dad's favorite, and Mom and Mary made the best. I think I'll make some very soon.

Mom made this a lot. This recipe reminds me of the 70's. Accent?! Water?! Corn flakes?! Yikes. I believe this was Robin Brown Sheaffer's recipe; it's like hamburger bbq...Mom had to make dishes stretch, since she was always feeding a crowd.

Another 70's favorite: onion soup mix, cheese whiz, instant rice...I'm sure this was quadrupled to feed all 14 of us!

Mom made the best ham n' bean soup. This can't be all there is to it! It was warm & wonderful, and another of Dad's favorites.

I don't remember eating Shepherd's Pie (although Potato Buds were all the rage!) too often, but I like this because she wrote it : ) I do remember American Chop Suey (thanks, Aunt Sylv) and Hamburger Filling Casserole though!

Mom, in my favorite pose of all time. (yeah, I'm built just like her)
Happy birthday, Mom, ya taught me good : )
I love you! 

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