Monday, July 2, 2012

We're Off to the "Vineyard"!

Since I'll be in Williamsburg with the sisters on my birthday (July 18...but I celebrate all month), Linds bought us tickets for a vineyard (actually, blueberry bush) tour & wine tasting for an early birthday present. We had this planned for weeks, and were both so excited, since this was our first outing as gf's since she turned 21! (I encourage alcohol consumption, what kind of a parent am I?!) Anyway, Keel & Curley, here we come! (I forgot the SD card for my camera again, so these are iPhone pics. Drats.)

We have issues with being photographed. I know, it's a problem. It's actually a joke now; we love a camera!

We were a bit early, so we sipped a few wines before the tour started. They specialize in blueberry wine, and I wasn't sure about that...I am, after all, a connoisseur of the grape ; )
Here's my all-grown up baby girl, having her first glass of wine ; ) Just kidding...the clerk at the liquor store across the street from her apartment knows her by name, and she's only been 21 for three weeks. The apple doesn't fall far, does it?

Inside the tasting room/gift shop with fellow lovers of the...berry! After we sampled a few yummy wines, a nice fellow came in and called us to get on the tour wagon, so off we went. Don't worry, we'll go back to taste the wines we missed!

Country charm! Here's Lindsay, striking a rare pose for the camera.

On the comfy wagon, pulled by a tractor. Are you starting to see a pattern with the pictures?

Ok, this isn't Lindsay...this is Sam, our very friendly and knowledgeable guide, with acres of blueberry bushes in the background.

The shiny bottling machine. The business is family owned, and it's easy to see they take meticulous care of the equipment.

Hey, is that Lindsay in another picture?! The truck in the warehouse makes a perfect backdrop for yet another photo op for us. Sam took us back to the tasting room, where we chatted for a bit. He loves wine, too!

Hard to believe I liked every one, huh? Ok, I'll be honest, the only "miss" for me was the Key Lime fusion wine, but it would be awesome topping a glass of Corona! (our bartender shared that secret with us)

Say, Linds, why don't you jump in this pic for me? I talked to the kids at the table in the background, who were just chillin' with some wine and cheese & crackers. Fun!

Live music on Friday nights, count me in! This place would be a wonderful venue for just about any event. No kiddin', I'm going back!

I'm sure weddings in the gazebo are verrrry popular here. It was hotter than all get-out, but we didn't notice toooo much! Maybe it was the 12 wines and wine slushie that we sampled...

This pic and caption are so funny to me...Linds and Jordan got me hooked on an photo-caption app Friday night, and this one seemed perfect!
What a great gift and fabulous day! Check them out ~

Thanks, Linds! ♥
 (I just wish she was more photogenic...)

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