Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ollie's Girls Take On Williamsburg!

My long anticipated trip to spend the week with my sisters finally arrived! The trip was "iffy" a few times for various reasons, but it finally came to be. They drove from PA, and I flew as close as I could get to the timeshare in Williamsburg. I chose Norfolk Airport because I liked Southwest and their fares over Richmond Airport's Air Tran, and both airports seemed equidistant from where we would be staying. I confidently made my reservation when my phone's GPS showed a mere 43 miles and 50-odd minutes for someone to pick me up. In retrospect, my phone's GPS doesn't know...STUFF! And so the trip begins...

Cute art in the airport. I took this photo right after I picked up my bag. (there was a lone bag of flour tortillas laying beside my bag on the conveyor belt, wonder who lost them?!) Connie and I were texting, and she said they were running late. No worries, there's a Phillip's Crabhouse in the food court! I've got no problem waiting; I've got an iPhone, a laptop, and a Nook, for heaven's sake!

I always take a pic of a little diorama when I see it; they remind me of the movie Zoolander, and crack me up. Then I send it to Laura, and we each chuckle on our end of the phone. The actual airport isn't much bigger than this ; )
I had my crabcake. Just a little longer, and they'd be there! I played on my phone. I got out my laptop (drat, they charge for wi-fi, no thanks). I read some of my book. I texted. I talked to a nice Scottish woman from England and let her use my phone. I made friends with the taxi drivers. I people watched. I started to worry that my sisters were headed to Richmond. I worried that I may be picked up for vagrancy. I worried that when they arrived, they would leap from the car and choke me for choosing this airport. Four and a half hours later, Sara and Connie pulled up. The 50+ minutes that my GPS had clearly lied about turned into nearly two and a half hours. Uh oh, maybe Richmond next time!

But back at the condo, life was good. We ate junk food. We caught up. We played dirty word games (guess who brought those?! Annnnn....) We drank margaritas. And we laughed; more than I had laughed in a very long time ♥

Sunday morning Mass was at St. Bede's, a beautiful church in the round.

See? It's round. We counted 24 Eucharistic ministers, and Communion was done in six minutes (Sara timed it!) from start to finish. They get a bunch of folks through there!

The Remembrance Garden on the grounds. All the foliage was green and lovely, but boy, was it hot!

Back to chill. All the essentials were there: salsa, beer, Reese's, wine, cake, hummus, Tastycakes, wine coolers, and dip ; )
Sunday night we drove to a nearby cinema-pub for dinner, and saw Magic Mike (Oh, Lord). That was the only meal we ate out all the movie theater! We had a ball!

Monday morning, before Robin had to head home, we took our group photo: me, Con, Robin, Ann & Sara. Robin scribbled her directions home on a paper plate, and left us to fend for ourselves. We missed her, but we trudged ahead...stay tuned! 
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