Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

I reallllly love Halloween. I guess because it's the first big fall holiday, and I love me some fall! Jack makes his annual pilgrimage to the mezzanine in the garage by climbing into the boat, precariously balancing himself on various boaty objects, and begins handing down smartly-marked "Halloween" boxes. Then I leave them sit for a week or two ; ) So yesterday I cleaned and dusted in "preparation for the decoration"!
This is the cute sign. They get a bit more macabre after this.
I love talented bloggers who make and share clever art like this. I'm not one of them, but I love them! I make a new print for every holiday, using the same frame. My momma taught me to be thrifty!
White roses in black spider eggs. Ewww!

Spiders and severed appendages are my "thing" ; ) That finger is a hoot, it looks real, and freaks people out.

The pic on the left is from the Dollar Tree (it changes when you look at it from a different angle). I made the one on the right, courtesy of Martha Stewart, who loves Halloween as well.

This was a Martha idea, too. I tea-stained the gauze and strips of paper towel. Can you tell my mummy is a girl?! I could only find a female head-form at the beauty supply!

Nothing says "fall" like a severed foot and a raven perched on a skull!

These candlabras are my favorite. Debbie found them at a thrift shop two years ago, and kindly gave them to me. A few coats of black spray paint later, and there ya go! (I put them up with Scotch velcro fasteners, they're the bomb)
The gals and I decided on another Halloween party this year, so I'll add lots more nifty $ store stuff as it gets closer.
And since I spend practically the same amount of waking hours at work as I do at home, I like to decorate there, too (on my lunch hour of course). There's a little competition going on, so here's some of what we've come up with...
Laura bought this little $15 cardboard fireplace years ago, and it has served us so well! (there are rats on the floor, just so you know)

This mural spans about 15 feet! It's 5 Dollar Tree graveyard panels, that lined up pretty darn well! Deb hid scary faces in there...can you find them? (she likes realllly scary stuff)

 Our balloon spider lurks in the corner! (thanks to Pinterest for the idea, and Carly for putting it up for us arthritic old ladies! ; )
Ok, enough of the boring decorations.
I've made some really good recipes from you-know-where in the last few weeks, and plan to make some pumpkin (anything!) soon. (this afternoon I read one of my entries from last year, and made myself a pumpkin spice latte a bit ago ☺)
VERMONT in 3 days! Get ready for LOTS of pictures of leaves. And bridges. And trees. And maple syrup. And cheese. Just sayin'.

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