Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Leaf People!

Full day #3 started with a Republican breakfast in Castleton, which was fine with us. We're Republicans. We like breakfast. Peg is driving (again). And it's another fabulous day. So we visited and ate (alot, including cheese blintzes), and listened to the man who would be senator. Fingers crossed, Mr. MacGovern! (and crossed really tight, because the state is primarily Democratic; there are only 600,000 people in the whole state!)

Anywho, Vermont has some very cool laws:
1) You can carry a concealed weapon without a permit (NRA rocks!) 
2) In 2010, the state enacted a law requiring that a DNA sample be taken from everyone arraigned on a felony (Take THAT, felons!)
3) Public nudity is legal (Ok, that one's an ewwww); disrobing in public is not!
4) Vermont was the last state to get a WALMART! (You go, Vermont!)
5) Billboards are banned! (So the roads are noticably more beautiful!) 
6) Double yellow lines are "advisory" only (Errr, this one's a little dangerous...)
Moving on...

Lake Bomoseen, in Castleton, famous for ice fishing. It was a picture-postcard day!
After breakfast, Peg had a memorial service to attend for a bit, so Laura and I made a quick run (not really a run, we drove) a few miles north to Brandon, famous for their Leaf People! (we call 'em scarecrows here, how boring is that?!)

 I obsess. I can't help it. It's just who I am. (a/k/a weirdo) I took a ridiculous amount of pictures, but they were all so charming!
 The guy on the left was in front of the Chinese restaurant, of course!
 These ladies all looked fabulous in their fall attire!
 And these guys were a class act! The bride and groom were outside the Inn!

That's snow on Big K! (Mount Killington) Yet another beautiful sight on our drive. That snow was made just for the season pass holders, since last year was disappointing due to Hurricane Irene.
Then we drove through Woodstock (lovely!) on our way to...

Quechee Gorge! The mile-long gorge is 165 feet deep, cut through the hills at the end of the last ice age. This photo does NO justice to the swiftly travelling water so far below! Again, I took a bajillion pictures, and couldn't find one I liked!

Peg then drove us to New Hampshire, so we could add another state to our list of "been there"s! This is on the campus of Dartmouth University, in Hanover! ☺ (wasn't she a fantastic guide?!)

Last stop for the day was at Simon Pearce, famous for handblown glass, in Quechee. What an
artfully-amazing-day nature provided!
Back to hot coffee in pj's in Peg's tv room! Man, I'm gonna miss it here! Only one more day...
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