Monday, October 1, 2012

 What month is this?! Hmmm, I didn't sleep through September...did I?! I didn't take a vacation. I didn't move anyone. I didn't have a party. Apparently, I bored even myself. September was a bit of an "off" month for me, but I hope to get back on track. I DID do a few things worth mentioning (well, in my mind, anyway), so here ya go...

I solicit ideas for Charity Ball about 6 weeks before the dance, and my Facebook friends always have great ones. I usually don't use them, but, hey! they're good ideas none the less! We kick around everything from "Sock Hop" to "70's" to "Luau Night". This year I went old school and re-visited Laura's & my (is that proper grammar?) very first "theme", kind of a "Harvest Moon/Autumn" thing.

I wish it were as fall-ish as the hall looks: corn shocks, fall leaves, pumpkins...after all, it's September! Sigh. Nope, it's 96° in the shade, but a girl can dream.

The banners on the wall are called "scene setters" from Party Cheap: they're 30' long x 4' high, for $13; so for $26, we have a whole fall thing goin' on!

Balloons are my favorite way to give height to the otherwise "flat" table setting. Looks so festive! The hall cleans up really nicely, so if you're interested in an inexpensive venue, let me know (shameless plug).

Isn't this cute? (although, a window would never be above a fireplace, I know, but it still has a fall-ish feel!)
I played bartender that night, visited with my favorite folks (while making a few bucks!), and ate a wonderfully cooked meal (thanks to the mad cooking skills of my fabulous hubby). It's always a great time! 

I wrapped up the month with two of the three best men in my life (Jax was working late, as usual), celebrating our 24-year-long-dual-birthday-event (Al on the 27th, Jack on the 28th) Look at those blue eyes! (all of the kiddos got Jack's eyes ♥) Jack has only had his own cake on a very few occasions (which he likes to remind me of), but two cakes in as many days is a bit too much!
Ok, now that I'm in that fall frame of mind...I'M GOING TO VERMONT IN 9 DAYS!!! My lovely friend, Peg (whom I met on my European tour last year!) has graciously invited me to stay with her during the changing o' the leaves!  So just when you thought you may get a break from me...look out! I'M BAAAACKKKK!!!
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