Monday, June 4, 2012

Really, A Tropical Depression?! We're Still Headin' to Ye Olde Gardens!

Memorial Day weekend doesn't even mark the beginning of hurricane season; June 1 does! So when the second tropical depression/storm of the unofficial season threatened to visit Charleston on May 27, Laura and I made a beeline for a plantation before it got to us! We particularly chose Middleton Place for its symmetrical gardens, and terraced view from the Ashley River.

Now, look closely at the tip of the arrow. This is the terracing we can't wait to see!

As we began our self-guided tour, these folks happened by! We assumed they were part of the Revolutionary War re-enactors that were there for Living History weekend. Too cool!

The second-largest live oak in North America, said to be at least 800 years old!

One of Henry Middleton's treasured statues: an Italian marble wood nymph, more than 200 years old. 

I just love hydrangeas; they always bring summer to mind!

The sundial in the octagonal garden. When I showed Jack the picture and said, "Isn't that cool?! It really was noon!", he replied, "Uh, yeah, that's how sundials work..." I guess it's the little things for me...

What a popular spot for weddings! There had been one in the adjacent garden the day before, and I decided to wait for the next one. ; )

It seems the bride processes from here. (Con, what are these flowers?)
After this, we caught up with a guided tour and really enjoyed the guide's personality and knowledgeable info!

The oldest crepe myrtle in the gardens. Ours never looked like this, thank goodness!

OK, THIS IS IT! We're looking down towards the Ashley River from the end of the walkway where the house stood...hmmm...the "terracing" doesn't look terribly impressive from up here...let's go down and look UP!

As we headed down, Foozer spots these two gators sunning on the bank...

Let's get a closer look! Wow, neat! Wait, I guess there was only one...

NOPE! There were two! She was trying to telling me that the larger one slipped into the water, but I guess I wasn't listening. When I caught sight of this approximate 5 footer, I nearly had a fit!

This is the terracing...pretty anti-climactic, huh? Check out the aerial at
though! All in all, it was still really cool!

Just a pretty view from inside the rice mill. Oh, yeah, there was lots of history there, too. ; )

The re-enactors, probably trying to stay cool (it was hot!) and ready to pack up.
We were ready to pack up, too. It was sticky, and we had taken off on our three hour walkabout in nearly 90° weather with no water -_-
 Time to head to civilization and a cold one!

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