Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's a Guy Thing...

Many hours have been dedicated to this day. Scouring the internet, researching. Taking trips to manly stores. Hammering, wire-brushing, banging & painting in the garage evening after evening. And yes, even shopping (at Publix). All for "the big show" today, which started at 7 am. Welcome to Father's Day Weekend's Great Smoke Out!

The Beast. This is what took all that work. The re-furbished, jerry-rigged monstrosity that is Jack's pride and joy. It it now adorned with new wheels & thermostats, fresh paint, a propane gas tank, and my old, heavy duty jelly-roll pan, now drilled with various sized holes to properly dissipate heat. (and something that has to do with wood chips, yadda yadda; it's really too much for me to take in)

This is approximately 8 am. The sun and myself are barely up, but happy guy is in his element: he will create his best-ever, soon to be world famous, smoke-filled meat.

This is 5 hours later. See how the sun has moved and he's now in the shade? I'm sure that was part of the research, too. He tore himself away to mow and edge, but I'm sure it wasn't easy. A manly visit from another manly smoker guy, Mitch, a cigar with Al, and a few manly beers later, it was time to eat!

The finished product. Smoky meat. It really was delicious. He crowed, scratched himself, burped, and took a nap, so it was a good day in Manville.
I don't get it.
; )
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