Saturday, June 2, 2012


We are soooo lucky. Jack and I definitely have the travel bug, and we're blessed to have the opportunity to take a road trip every now and again. Since we had an extra day off for Memorial weekend, we were off to see our besties in South Carolina! Look out if you're on I-95, Jack is behind the wheel!

First thing Saturday morning we took in Farmer's Market in Marion Square. Fruits, veggies, art, photography, jewelry, crafts, name it!

Right after this pic, we stood in line for breakfast from one of the local vendors. I think we ate at the Omelet Station...Jack had a BBQ pork omelet wrapped around sweet & spicy pickles (YEP!), and I had shrimp and grits with a spicy BBQ sauce. H.E.A.V.E.N! We shared a table with the nicest folks from Atlanta while we ate in the park.

On towards the river to E. Bay Street, and into the City Market; there are so many local artisans, there's almost too much to take in. Laura had gotten a lovely handpainted soap dispenser from a friend a few weeks earlier, so we looked for the stand so I could get one for Jack's cousin. So much talent!

Charleston Spice & Tea Exchange. We sampled a number of herbs & spices; everything smelled so good! Of course, we bought a few grilling spices for the Grill Master ; )

We still needed to walk off that breakfast, and Jack hadn't walked around downtown much last time because his allergies were misbehaving. St. Philip's Episcopal is in the French Quarter, and is a national landmark.

The gate to the parish house, in the East Churchyard. Funny place to put a tombstone!

A house catacorner from the church, on Church Street (imagine that!) Jack, Mitch & Laura are so patient with me, since I literally take hundreds of pictures whenever we're out! This home was the first of many that day that flew the "Save Charleston, Support Cruise Control" flag. The local vendors, however, fly the "Cruise On In...Welcome & Thank You!" flag; an ongoing battle in a port city.

A front door? A garage door? This, and the following are just some of my favorite photos : )

Peeking into a backyard in the French Quarter.

On Queen Street.

My favorite house. Ever. ♥
Side note: I snapped a shot of this house during our January visit, and it's been my laptop & work computer wallpaper ever since. Laura was looking at framed photographs that morning at Farmer's Market, and when I saw this apparently frequently photographed house, I said, "Hey! That's MY picture! I took that picture!" The woman running the stand gave me the death stare and said, "Well, did you use high-speed blah blah blah XLR305PX-S?" (or something like that), thinking I meant that she stole my photo. Wow, did she tell me!!! It was the joke of the weekend : )

We stopped here for my first gelato. Really! I'd never had it, and now I will never stop eating it! Chocolate Cappuccino. Fabulous!

Along East Bay, near Battery Park. How cool is that to just set up shop and paint away?!

Hey, we know them! Best tour guides ever! And they run a fantastic Inn!

This is not their inn, however! We checked out home prices here on Meeting Street, and #7 was $2.7. Yeah, million. Sigh.

I love the iron. And gates. And doors. And windows.

We figured we could split the cost of this one...hardy, har, har.

I love the architecture, Foozer likes the historical-ness of it all. This is 18 Meeting Street, the home of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Heyward. She remembers all this stuff; I have to Google it -_-

Beauty. That's all.

I'm starting to think I have a thing for gates. And numbers, obviously.

Why, a gift from 7 Calhoun Street on my doorstep? Thank you very much! Everyone in the neighborhood got one!!! We're guessing it was a baked yummy...I so shoulda just snagged this one!

10 Tradd Street. Sigh. Again. These houses were a bit more reasonable, being (just a smidge!) under $2 M.

That concludes our tour of Downtown Charleston, but you're not off the hook yet. The next day Laura and I went to Middleton Place Plantation Gardens, and on Monday, took a COOKING CLASS that was THE most fun! So if you wanna be held captive for more Ehrig vacation pictures, check back tomorrow! ; )

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