Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Day of Birth, Jackson Lee!

Jackson got his name for two reasons: 1. we wanted to choose a southern name, since he was the first Ehrig in this family born in the south, and 2. Jackson Lee kinda translated to "Jack's Only" in case he was the only boy to carry on the name (whatever, it's a guy thing). So along came Jax...our chef (he learned to read by reading menus!), navy boy (which faded soon after taking ROTC), and adventure-loving little play-by-his-own-rules ball of energy, who literally never stopped! From the minute his feet hit the floor until he was forced into bed at night, this guy was our happy-wanderer!

Grandpa's navy cap : )

Never wanted to miss ANYTHING!

One of my all time favorite pics ♥ He honestly went through at least 3 plastic lawnmowers!

Big trucks, bicycles, cars, dump trucks...anything that rolled, (and an extensive Matchbox collection) he was destined to be a truck driver! I made his 9th birthday cake with a picture of Jack's big truck at the time (go Hanover Foods!).

Right after his bridge up into Boy Scouts in PA. He biked a weeklong 212 mile trip on the C & O Canal, and hiked 15 miles on the Appalachian Trail at 12 years old! I tellin' ya, that didn't even slow him down!  

First car! Big dude in a little car!

This morning before breakfast. Our boy & his dog ♥
All grown up, working darn hard (it's still hard to believe he's actually a beer delivery guy, because he doesn't even like the stuff, hahahahahahahahahaha!), driving a pickup, rockin' boots and flannel. *sigh* Wasn't I just in that delivery room last week?! Happy birthday, Jax, it's 12:17 pm somewhere! ; ) We love you!


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