Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Olive Mary Cecilia Britcher Sheaffer Weaver ♥

"Hi, Momma. How ya doin' today?" was how the almost daily phone call would begin, and then we'd move on to the weather. Mom was always curious about the weather here, and loved to tell me in detail what PA weather for the day was like. I haven't talked to her in over a year. But today, one year ago, Mom went home. She prepared her whole life to be with the Lord, and I have no doubt that she's there now. Her prayer intentions always went for the souls in purgatory, and she had tremendous devotion to the Blessed Mother. She'd say, "Ask the Blessed Mother for your special intentions, and she'll whisper it in Jesus' ear; he would never deny His mother anything." Mom would never deny anyone anything either; her life was spent volunteering at St. Joe's, St. Vincent, Hanover Hospital, Golden Visions, the K of C Ladies Auxillary, nursing homes, and a hundred other places. For years, she toted folks to church, the store, the doctor, you name it. She worked dinners, garage sales, fundraisers; if you needed her, she was there, and you didn't even have to ask. I probably heard her say "What can I do?" at least a thousand times in my life. Mom had wonderful people skills, and she visited and laughed and hugged everywhere she went.

This video is from Mother's Day, 2010. Mom's health declined rapidly after this, although she rallied in July for a bit. I cherish this video, because it was collectively our last time together to celebrate our Mom.

Mom Facts:

♥ Dad called her "Helen", and she loved it ♥ She hated when we wouldn't pick up our pile of clean laundry on the way up the stairs ♥ She made the best homemade strawberry shortcake with milk (and that was our whole dinner!) ♥ She loved her Dad and Mom, and took it as a compliment when she was called "Oliver", but not "Jeanette"! ♥ She literally LOVED babies (obviously, along with being pregnant!) ♥ She loved card games, especially with Aunt Sandy & Uncle Charlie ♥ She was happy to be the rose between the thorns (as the only girl with two brothers on each side) ♥ She dressed beautifully (and most times was wearing clearance rack & thrift store clothing) ♥ She had the brightest blue eyes ♥ She could run a household like a drill instructor, and did! ♥ She loved to party : ) ♥ She could feed a family of 14 on Dad's salary (that's why we had shortcake for dinner! Or S.O.S bleck!) ♥
She loved the Lord ♥

Mom and Bobby and all those kids! Gotta love Tom's eyes!

Dad carried this picture in his wallet. He said Mom had bedroom eyes. Mom said she was just tired : )
(ps. that's ME!)

Ocean City, MD, I'm sure. This was one hot couple!

There are so many "party pictures" with Dad! (I get it honest enough, that's for sure!) I absolutely love this picture, she just looks beautiful.

One of my all-time favorite pics! With a ton of kids in the background too, as usual!

One last thing...thirteen was a special number to Mom and Dad. Dad's birthday was the 13th, their wedding was on the 13th, and the number just seemed to bring good things. When Mom was in the hospital after her heart surgery 20 years ago, she was in bed 13, so we knew she'd be ok. Jack and I met on a Friday the 13th. And last year, on the way back to Florida after Mom's funeral, we offered to take a "bump" for free airfare, since the flight was overbooked. We felt that if it worked out, it was Mom's intervention. We got the bump, and were on flight 133, seat C13. Thanks, Momma. You never stop doing for us ♥

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