Friday, November 4, 2011

Pumpkin. Again.

Obsession seems so creepy. Let's just call my enthusiasm for pumpkin an affinity. That just means "a natural liking or close attraction". There. That's better. So, my affinity for pumpkin has me scouring food blogs for even more recipes (the "Pumpkin Files" are currently the largest folder in my foodgawker account, beating even the "Dessert Instead of Dinner" folder). Jack is still hunting, and time is running out to make myself foods that I know he doesn't care for. Like pumpkin. I haven't cooked a great deal in the last 9 days, so I figured I'd see if the stove still worked. It does. Darn.

Yep, pumpkin black bean soup! I know...I get it....doesn't sound great to non-squash-lovers (or maybe even to actual-squash-lovers). But it's fantastic! Really. It just takes like a rich, creamy black bean'll have to like black bean soup! Try it on a cool night like tonight, and it feels like fall heaven ♥

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