Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Decos

God bless my hubby. I drug him to Michael's Crafts on our date night Thursday before heading to dinner. I said, "Hon, with all the stuff I'm seeing on Pinterest, I think I wanna start crafting!" His sheepish response? "Again?!" I've crafted my whole life; so much so in PA in the '90's, that Rob made me my own "Treasures by Terry" labels for my stuff. I've painted gajillions of wooden items (in the "country" days), made beaded jewelry, scrapbooked, made hundreds of things with the kids, blah, blah, blah. I'd taken a crafting break for a few years, but now I have a hundred (at least) new ideas, and this one seemed appropriate for New Year's. The Dolce Girls met last night, and held a wine bottle decorating contest for prizes. (I was sure hoping it was a full bottle of wine!) So here's what I did!

I spray painted empty (of course!) bottles with silver metallic paint.

I chose this one because it had more surface area to glitz and glam up! After applying paper, glue and sticker decos, I "mod podged" to keep everything in place. The paint scratches really easily without it, too.

Uh oh. I hope this dries clear...

YaY, it did! I finished it off with a purpley bow...

And a sparkley tree pic. New Year's in a bottle! (excuse the dark photo)

I also made more of these funnnn marshmallows, which I'm hoping to turn into a multi-million dollar gourmet marshmallow business. Nah. I just like to make them, and Jack likes to eat them. These candy beads made them look "bubbly"!

Happy New Year's Eve!

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