Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Ehrig Christmas

What a great Christmas! We had one of the nicest ever, really. It started off a little rocky; Jack got paged for a work issue at 5:48 am, exactly 12 minutes before he would have been "off call".  And since his voice isn't exactly what you'd call an "indoor voice", Alex, Linds and I were up at the crack of dawn too. Luckily, though, he didn't have to go out, and it actually made for a nice, long day. We ate a hot breakfast right out of the crockpot (recipe coming soon!), and enjoyed our coffee by the tree. After a little napping, Jax came over around 10, and we imbibed in a little Christmas cheer while opening gifts...only the Ehrigs! Here was the start of gift #1 on Friday:

This guy can literally do anything! We barely had any water pressure in the kitchen, so it was time for new valves, faucet, etc. While we were at it, we decided a larger, deep sink would be lovely, because we've never liked the setup we had. Viola! Merry Christmas to me, thanks to that cute elf ; ) 

Christmas Eve, and our traditional family photo. This picture makes me laugh, because Linds says "Dad crowded me out". LOL! Just looks to me like she likes to pose (college girls apparently loveee to do this), and the only other pic has Jax in an odd pose. So this one's it, sorry girl!

Christmas morning. Alex knows I may pick up the package and feel around; it's what Pap always did with "prizes" and it rubbed off on me! I was good, though, I waited! So here's what it was...

One of those industrial, soft, squishy, easy-on-the-feet-and-legs kitchen mat, to use at my new sink! How thoughtful! It'll make it so much easier for me to stand and cook and clean. Hey...wait a minute! Just kiddin', I've really wanted one of these forever, and Al saw me admiring Becky's the other week. Good job, Al! ♥

Jax went with what every Mom (and woman, for that matter!) loves! This set is perfect, he knows what I like! ♥

Lindsay crafted this year, and she is amazing! All homemade, and so appreciated! It's perfectly my style as well! ♥ (I even posted it on Pinterest, so now she's famous)

Our traditional outdoor photo after opening gifts. Praise the Lord for this beautiful day, it was 80° and fabulous! The only reason I was wearing a sweatshirt was to be funny, it's one of the "ugly" ones I bought for an ugly sweater party later this week with the Dolce Girls.

We spent the afternoon with Mom & Dad Ehrig and Bill, with platters of yummy Publix goodies. In the evening, we settled in for a movie and a visit from our favorite Democrat, Mayet ; )
Santa, ya done good this year! We're so blessed!
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