Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Dolce Girls' Christmas

We're relentless partiers. Any excuse to hang out, drink a little, eat a lot, play some games and let our hair down. Our roster changes, but the fellowship and fun is always the same. Here was this month's group of girls : )

Cathy was setting up her camera, so I snapped this one while we waited. See the "Ugly Sweater" participants? Yeah. Me neither! I think we all looked pretty darn cute! Becky's necklace lit up (along with her cut-off sleeves), Nicole had a McDonald's holiday t-shirt on under that other lovely plaid shirt, and Linda's was just plain, ummm, "festive"! Carolyn (again!) was the big winner!

Isn't she SO creative?! I loveee that she matched her bottle koozie! We're 100% class, aren't we? Ps. The reindeer on her sweater lit up AND played music! Winning!

Ok, here's my ugly sweater. The fur collar really gave it a polished look. ; ) In case you don't follow my facebook posts, this is actually my sweatshirt, that I donated to St. Teresa a few years ago, and just bought back! Hahaha, joke's on me! Debbie looks all cute because she told Cathy they didn't have to participate because they were the hosts. Way to get out of it, Debbie!

Bottle contest participants. Now, Laura may not have participated in the sweater portion of the evening, but she rocked the bottle contest! In case you can't see it, her "cougar" bottle has a New Year's hat on, earrings, eyelashes, and Play-doh lips with a cigarette! Linda's was hand-painted and really pretty! Nic's bottle sweater would've won for most out-of-season, since it featured an Easter motif. I'm hoping that sweater belonged to a teddy bear, and wasn't really a beer koozie!

So, we played a foodie board game (which was way too hard for a relaxing night), then moved on to a music trivia DVD game, that was a ton of fun! So Happy New Year! (and who's hosting next month's party?!)

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