Monday, January 30, 2012

Treasure Hunt!

It started with a great idea: let's put some extra storage in the kitchen! I've been piecing together a nice collection of cooking items over the last few years, and as my collection grows, my storage space shrinks. I've weeded out old, seldom-used stuff, but some of my new pots & pans are quite large and take up major room. I know what I have in actual cupboard. But Jack suggested I rethink a fixed-to-the-wall type, so that we can take it with us when we move. (I know it's a few years away, but still) Now to find it! No, not a baker's rack. Not a hutch or china closet. An island on wheels? Naw. Hmmm... I started by looking online, but scratch that. (Too much subjectivity involved in "mocha finish" "chocolate finish", etc...always looks different in real life.) I don't wanna spend too much, either. HEY! Garage sales! Maybe I'll get lucky!
So, Debbie (literally the Queen of All Garage/Yard/Moving/Estate Sales) and I took off at 8 am. Saturday morning to find me a cupboard! No planning, no maps, not even a newspaper in hand (just coffee and a donut), and off we set!

No cupboard, but look! New lamps, $5 each, with shades still in their wrappers! They even match the other three lamps in the dining/living room area : )

Cool, huh?

No cupboard at this sale either. But this mirror was only $3! The guy who sold them to us was really fun (Deb and I each got one). The original price sticker was still on the back, so he let us know what a bargain we got! As a bonus, it covers a lumpy spot where some "floating" shelves were hanging. What a deal!

Nope, no umm...oh yeah! Cupboard! But the lizards got a new porch plant for just $3 (the bean pot is mine). It's missing a leaf or four, but the lizards don't care.

Oooh, these were a great find! What was I looking for again? I don't remember, but these wrought iron look candle holders were a mere $3 for the set! Love them!

Since I got new lamps for the living room, I moved the tall lamp to its partner in the office. They're very happy now. The nifty striped pillows and gyroscope were purchased earlier this week at the local home store's "yard sale". Pillows, $3 each & gyroscope, $8. Man, what a banner week!

Did I find the cupboard I was looking for? Nope, but I found the one I want on Pinterest. It's a DIY project from This Old House, and Jack said we can tackle it! Yay, it really was a great week! : )

My dream cupboard! Stay tuned for project updates! (I hope!)
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