Thursday, May 24, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

When Lindsay & Jordan came home before Easter, we went garage-sale-ing, and found some really nifty stuff. I forget why I didn't post this entry earlier, but here it is! : )

Linds took these dishes back to Tampa with her. Sadly, it wasn't a complete set, but we loved them, and they suit her needs.

I love this mini jar (Instant Coffee, too 70's!) and put my Truvia packets in it by the coffeemaker. The bowl is the Pfaltzgraff one I put my avocado pico in earlier this month. So wish there would have been more like it!

These are apparently Imperial Candlewick juice glasses, worth about $10 apiece. We got them for a quarter!

I don't know if these are anything "special", but they are so pretty! There were 5; Linds got 4, I got one!

These are Imperial Cape Cod glass ware. These folks had a ton; if I had somewhere to keep it in the house, I would have brought it all home! Jack liked it, too.

"Teahouse Rose" Japanese china. ♥ I also found some luncheon plates with matching tea cups!

The back says, "Hand decorated, detergent & oven proof, MADE IN AMERICA!" Amazing!
Now on to the real reason I was "hunting": to make CAKE PLATES!

Deb gave me this beautiful gold with violets china plate she found at a garage sale. Plate #1!

Making another. Just glue (with glass epoxy) to a base, this one being a Cape Cod dessert cup!

This three-tiered one is my favorite! The bottom plate is the one I found, and the other two are also from Debbie. She's always looking out for me! : ) See the Candlewick glasses?!

It was actually easy to line the plates up to the glasses; just measure and pencil mark. I later found a glass-look knob that I glued to the top.

Another view. I know, it's an obsession.

It was really interesting, but sad at the same time, to walk through the home where these pieces came from. So many meals eaten, and so many stories shared over these dishes. We'll make some memories with them ourselves ♥

Up for the weekend: a visit to Chucktown! ; )
(a/k/a Charleston)


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