Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dolces, Darlings & Dogs

I'd really been looking forward to this weekend, and it didn't disappoint! It brought fun with my girls, fun with friends, and fun with my family. Actually, my girls and my friends are just like family, and I even got to pick them! ; )

Friday was a Dolce Valentine's get together. Great gals, fabulous food, and a new cocktail! Seriously, this is what we ate: antipasto platter, meatballs, rolls, sausage balls, dark chocolate fondue (with a dash of wine!) & fruit, cheeses and crackers, hot jalapeño popper dip, red velvet cake, mini spinach bites, cucumber feta salad, and candies. Ridiculous, right? Guess how much was left?! What can I say, we love to eat!

Pinterest obsession for this shin-dig? "Birthday Martinis", which kinda turned into "Valentine Bliss"! I started making individual ones, but later switched to making pitchers full! Just kiddin', but they were quite addicting: vanilla vodka, asti champagne and cranberry juice. Add some sprinkles and a cherry, and violá! Instant hit! Us Dolce Girls know how to party!

Saturday's fun took us to St. Augustine to celebrate Reesey Piecey's birthday with Baker/Grover families and friends. Meg should be on Cake Wars; this cake was not only amazing to look at at, it was phenomenal to eat! Multi-layered chocolate cake with peanut butter icing (duh) and chunks of peanut butter cups. ♥ I think it's safe to say she leans a tad toward all things peanut buttery. Sooo nice to spend the afternoon with all those wonderful folks!

After we got home, Al & I picked up Bear to spend the night with us, since Jax was out of town. I roll my eyes (alot!) whenever I see those bumper stickers or plaques that say "Ask me about my granddog", but now....Ok, I'm still gonna do it, but I have a better appreciation for them now : ) I love our house being dog-free (ask Todd & Tina and Debbie; they have our last two dogs), but Bear was happy and full of energy and made us laugh. No worries, no more dogs here (I had to mop a wet kitchen from him dumping his water, and sweep up all the sticks and socks he destroyed), but we'll be glad to let Bear use the backyard to run for a couple hours. 

We're ending the weekend with champagne & leftover fondue since Jack calls bingo on Valentine's evening. His gift this year? A blood pressure monitor! What better way to say "I ♥ you!" ; ) Happy Sweetheart's Day to you!

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