Sunday, February 26, 2012

Since I Had Some Free Time...

Before the frenzy of cake-plate making begins, I thought I'd try my hand at this project. I saw it on you-know-where, and thought it would add a pop of color to my kitchen sink area, while adding a functional, yet decorative, piece. (sounds pretty fancy, huh?!)

This is the original:

Cute, right?

So I hit the SPCA Thrift store (which is honestly over-priced), and purchased a vase and a small glass plate for $2. (Ok, those items weren't over-priced, but most of the stuff is) Add some primer + spray paint all-in-one, a little epoxy....

And there you have it! A...stand! For beside the sink!

Here's the finished product (taken in the evening of course, which I always seem to do. And pretend I have the countertop & backsplash from the original picture) Forget about the paint & epoxy being $15.62. Oh, and the cute Ralph Lauren soap pump from Marshall's that was $9.99. (And PLEASE forget that drip of something on the backsplash. Eeewww!) Now, for a mere $27.61, I have a fabulous DIY dish soap stand! No worries, I'm got a lot of plans for that epoxy & ivy green paint!

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