Monday, February 6, 2012

What a Pinteresting Weekend! (I know, I know...)

Again...I love crafts. I love food. I love home decorating ideas. So I planned a "pinning" weekend to do a little of each of those things...what fun! In between, Jack and I fiberglassed the cracks in the camper top, which really needed done. (is there really a better way to spend your anniversary?! I think not) Actually, he did all the work; I cut pieces to fit the cracks, held stuff, helped mix the epoxy and resin (which gets really HOT, by the way), changed rubber gloves alot and cheered Jack on. (I didn't find the fiberglassing project on Pinterest, but I probably could have) But check out the real pins below!

Crafts & Home Decor: I coerced Debbie into giving me her garage sale find from last week (we traded some stuff). None of the stuff in our house is white, so....

Now it's black! It was copper to begin with (which I found under the white), so I guess someone who didn't have anything copper-colored in their house decided to paint it white. People are big on spray painting home decorations, me included.

Cooking: Saturday night's dinner pin = Tomato and Mozzarella Pasta Al Forno. I'm not generally of big fan of penne, shells or rigatoni (weird), so I thought this would just be so-so. Wrong! It was delish!

Sunday morning's pin was heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, since Linds was home close to Valentine's day. No one who pinned this said that you have to cut each "roll" into a long snake-shape before forming it into a heart, but I figured it out. (guess it's not really rocket science...)

Awwww! They taste so much better when they're heart shaped! ; )

Sunday afternoon's pin: Super Bowl food. Hot taco dip! Cheese, meat, cheese, mayo, cheese, salsa, cheese, sour cream, and cheese. Made bubbly. ♥ Sounds kinda bad for you, but wait!

Here's the healthy part. Tomatoes, olives, lettuce, cilantro & avocado, which all scream "heart healthy" and definitely override the mayo (with olive oil!) & sour cream & cheese (all low fat versions, I promise!). Mmmmm! Even Jack loved this dip. I'm so proud of him for expanding his horizons : ) (Plus, I'm taking the time to cook "real" food...sorry for all the years of hamburger helper, kids!)

Only 702 projects to go!

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