Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our ND Visitors (a/k/a "The Cold North Meets the Balmy South")

How 'bout these colors?! (If you read my blog in email, you won't notice the difference, but I changed all the background colors to green, purple and gold!) It's almost Mardi Gras, which had me digging out New Orleans pics from 2008. At that time, Lindsay played off-season volleyball for Ignite, a travel team out of Merritt Island. Moms & daughters took a trip to New Orleans that spring for some kinda playoffs at Tulane University; what an exciting trip! I'll blog about that on Tuesday!
In the meantime, Jack's besties (now they're mine, too!) from ND are here visiting this week (their first time in FL!), and we've had such a great time! We've: been to dinner with them & Fr. Tony at a nifty place called "Doubles" in Indian Harbor Beach, enjoyed dinner theatre at Holy Name of Jesus (which was honestly fabulous & Tony worthy!), and had them for dinner here in T'ville at our humble abode. Since they were gracious enough to try freshly-caught steamed shrimp (from Jack & Al's last weekend's excursion), we took them to the T'ville pier to watch shrimpers in action!

The pier was full of folks vying for some Indian River delicacies. My little camera doesn't take good night shots, so these were captured on the phone. Look at all those poles!

The girls! Me, Michaela, Kim & Deb. It was chilly, even for these cold-country folks! (coolish-damp is more like it)

The boys. Justin, Alex, Ty & Jack. Jack & Ty introduce themselves  to other people as brothers : ) They really are two peas in a pod! (& Justin is a younger version of Alex, which I found to be pretty cool!)

The master shrimper sharing his knowledge...

Wait! Ty's gettin' the hang of it too! We'll have them moved here & shrimping in no time!

What a great weekend again...blessed with friends who are just like family ♥ Next up: a visit to ND! (in the summer! ; ) 

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