Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun with Jack in Isla Cozumel!

This actually was "Fun with Lee, Bev & Jack in Isla Cozumel", but Jack was a standout this particular day. This day was one of our favorites!

It was a busy day in the port! Lots of cruise ships were in, including Brian's Norwegian ship further up the row, closer to downtown. It's kind of a funny sight, seeing the colorful, built-up port, when just behind it looks like pretty barren.

Lee called this shot, with the ship in the background. Pretty! And I love the different colors of the water. (it was windy, I'm not into slicking my hair back...)

Is anyone surprised by this picture? I know I'm not! This was outside of "Fat Tuesday's" restaurant, which was at every port we stopped in. This was 11 o'clock in the morning, and folks were already drinkin' it up! (we waited till noon! ; )

Our own little Señor Juan Valdez! Jack was on the hunt for a hat, and this one didn't quite do...a bag of coffee beans and a mule would've finished the look, though!

The first of many "Drugs & Deli" stores that we would see. Need synthroid? No problem! A
Z-pack? Sure! Amoxicillin for that pesky sinus infection? No worries! Heartburn? They have Nexium! But this combo is the best..."I'll have a pound of pastrami, some potato salad & a 30 day supply of Viagra, please." Now THAT'S funny! (and seriously, it's all for sale, no script needed!)

My favorite new place: Carlos & Charlie's. I don't know which I like more: the sign behind Jack's head or the clown in the picture. Jack's line for the day was "I need to overcome my fear of clowns", and it cracked us up every time! This place was alot of fun: fake cockroach on a string on the table (I know, it could've easily been real), being blasted with cold air from a tank (ok, I didn't really like that one), shots being poured down your throat while they grabbed your boobs (no shots or boob grabbing for me or Bev, but it was funny to watch!).
The menu was in pesos, and when I saw fish tacos listed as $150, I thought, "Hmmm, maybe I'll just have a beer." When the waiter gave us the conversion for the day, I ordered them, and they were awesome!

See how much fun we had?! The local beers were wonderful (I ordered a Corona, which they didn't have ??? , so I had the Sol instead, and it was really good) We all thought our hats were very fitting to our personalities (I admit, I had to ask the clown to make me the tiara, but, hey, I felt like a queen that day!) He told us to say "tequila", and caught us in various states of shouting it!

What a fun day in Port #1!

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