Saturday, April 28, 2012

Belizian Chocolate (that tasted alot like Hershey's...)

Day four took us to Belize; this is where we realized that we should've taken a Carnival-approved tour, because it wasn't smart or safe to try to navigate Belize City on our own (nobody mentioned this beforehand...). So we stayed in the tourist compound area, but still snapped a few neat pics!

The ship anchored quite a ways out from the port, so we tendered in. Anchoring so far out is necessary due to the series of coral reefs off the coast, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The ship looks massive, doesn't it?!

Another tender getting ready to load up passengers!

The ride in took about 20 minutes, and was enjoyable. The ride on the small boat that took us back, however, was not!

Lee snapped a picture of these colorful buildings as we neared the port.

Look how far away the ship was! I wouldn't want to get left behind!

Bev and I looking like native Caribbean-ers : ) We had gotten some pretty good tans going!

Hmmm, chocolate? Yes, please! I had an iced mocha something (that tasted like iced Hershey's chocolate milk), and we sampled some chocolate. They had lots of neat handmade products: cocoa soap, cocoa bean earrings and small baskets, as well as truffles and cookies.

We brought back a dark chocolate bar for Jack and two dark chocolate bars w/salt and lime for me (one to share at work). They're very serious about their salted chocolate there...WOW! Big ole crystals that'll make your mouth and eyes water! Shoulda tried that one before buying... We also bought the fixin's to make Kahlua, all in a neat little bottle: coffee & chocolate beans, turbinado sugar, white sugar, cocoa powder and a vanilla bean. It's steeping as I write! 

The beans were roasting in a small toaster-like ovens outside the store (which smelled wonderful!), and I think these had just been done.
We actually did venture outside the walled area for about 2 minutes...definitely not worth the hassle!
: (

Jack doing his best Jim Carrey impression in the adults-only hot tub. He cracks me the heck up! The decks were empty since most folks were on tours, so we took full advantage of the best chairs on deck. Ahhhh!

The next day was our favorite: local beach and beers in Roatan!

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