Monday, April 23, 2012

A Traveler's Log: Time to Cruise!

We hadn't been on a cruise in nearly 8 years. When Lee & Bev suggested that the four of us get away for a vacation, a cruise sounded like a well-needed respite from...everything! And they were right! From tropical islands to pre-dinner martinis to bawdy (and hilarious!) comedians in the lounge, this trip was just what the doctor ordered! So trade in your work shoes for sandals, and come along with us!

Here we go! Port Canaveral looks much more tropical & exciting from the deck of a ship! And what a festive atmosphere with all the folks in the restaurants and bars at the port waving goodbye! (I think it was with their whole hand ; )

We got into our cabin by one. It was actually pretty darn spacious! The closets and desk drawers had plenty of room for clothes, and the suitcases fit right under the bed. Ok, time to explore the ship!

I'm guessing the decor of the Dream is art deco/Las Vegas/glitzy glam. Our cabin was on deck 11 forward, and pics like this lined the halls from ceiling to floor. We left the room and headed upstairs to the spa deck, as the spa & its amenities were part of our package; we weren't disappointed, it was awesome!

This is the Thalassotherapy pool, which "features jets of water that massage your body in a special formulation of ocean water rich with trace elements of vitamins". It really didn't seem salty to me...the literature differed on the actual benefits of the pool, but to us, it was heaven! Not too hot, not too cool. And when the ship went a'rockin', look out! That dang pool could white-cap!

This area led to the Oriental steam room, the aroma-therapy steam room, the Lanconium (body temp dry room), and the locker rooms. I've never tried a steam room till now (Jack loves the sauna at the gym), and it was more enjoyable than I thought. These rooms were all about "detox"; we even went to a detox class, where we made an appointment with a trainer to learn more. We learned that detox (don't get any crazy ideas here...not from alcohol!) comes from taking verrryyyy expensive algae pills and baths. Really?! For the $4,000+ that it would have cost for the both of us, we better have been pure as the driven snow by the end of it! Sheesh.

Our first day at sea took us unexpectedly to the Keys to drop off a sick passenger (that makes me so sad!). This view is looking through the "windscreen" at the bow. It's the closest I've ever been to the Keys...I wish we could've stopped here! The water color is crystally clear : )

Beep, beep! Another Carnival ship, the Ecstasy, passed by us in the channel, headed for Key West. It really didn't look like there was enough room for the two of us, but it turned out there was plenty!

A beautiful blue ocean, on the Straits of Florida. That's a Norwegian ship in the distance...Hi, Brian!!! Isn't this the most "ocean blue" you've ever seen?!

This is the Serenity Deck. Aaahhhh...don't you feel serene just looking at it?! I wish it would've stayed this empty, but, that's not possible on a ship of nearly 5,000 peeps; we were fightin' for a seat as the week progressed! Hawkeye (a/k/a Jack) kept an eye on the seats! (we were told not to save seats; after 30 minutes, any seat that looked "saved" was up for grabs! Jack was like a vigilante...)

Me & Jack on Sunday, April 15, 2012, the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, with the Titanic staircase in the background! Pretty cool, huh?! (I'm cheap, I took a picture of the picture!)

Stay tuned for more adventures at sea! And on land, even!
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