Monday, April 2, 2012

And So Another Weekend Goes!

Ohmygosh, what another fun, busyyyy, weekend! Let's just do this weekend's recap in pictures...

See Jack? Jack is really excited. He hooked up the ice maker only three years after buying our first fridge with an ice maker (I know, we're rocketing right into the '80's with that one). Now, every time ice drops into that tray, he says, "Did you hear that?!" It's the little things...but I love my handyman, he can do almost anything home-repair-related.

See the tv? It's new. And it's in our bedroom. You can insert the same expression from the above pic onto Jack's head. Pretend you don't see the uneven paint where the wall & ceiling meet, the wires (hint, hint, Mike Summerfield @ Advent Electric) or the piece of paper that covers the little tiny light (it keeps Jack awake....really?!) that's emitted from the wireless cable box (gotta love Uverse). Jack has now combined the two things he loves the most: watching tv & laying in bed. He is one happy guy! I like it pretty much, myself. We watched Celebrity Apprentice last night in bed. It's not everybody's idea of a fun night, but it suits us just fine : )

But I digress. On Saturday, we visited our buds by the beach,  Lee & Bev, for some suds, sun, and fun (this isn't them). However, these are their adorableeeee bulldogs, Angus & Winston. We were in ♥!

This is the monsoon that ensued right after we got there. It's literally the only rain we've had in weeks. -_-
We ate on the porch and didn't get any sun, but we had a blast anyway!

See these adorable faces?! Linds and our fave houseguest Jordan came home for the weekend, since Linds has to work over Easter (it's ok, waitresses make great moolah on the weekends, especially holidays! I definitely know this from experience : ) They came along down with Al to Lee & Bev's, and we all had a really good time!

Sunday warranted a trip to the beach! It was a fabulous day, so we soaked up the sun we missed on Saturday (check out the matching leopard bathing suits!). Back at home, Jack grilled us some grub, and off the girls went, back home.
Fun, family, ice makers, rain, friends, dogs, tvs, sun, and food = one wonderful weekend!
Hope you had a good one, too!

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