Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's an Obsession...

Lately, my almost-daily Facebook post shares the day's "holidays": National Apple Cobbler Day, Pizza Party Day, Miniature Golf Day, Limerick Day, Lost Sock Memorial get the picture. But today's holiday tickled me so much, I just wanted to say a quick word about it on here: it's National Sea Monkey Day! (yep, that's right, National!)

The very familiar (to me, anyway!) ad from my Archie comics back in the 60's and 70's. I remember thinking, "They're so cute! I have to have these! I'll take such good care of them!" These little friends would be way cooler than my pet rock, and even cooler than the actual fish I had in a bowl, because these fishy friends have hair! And crowns! Yay!

Sadly, they looked like this. But the ad promised "real-life time travelers that were existing in suspended animation, waiting for ME to bring them to life"! So where's their hair?! Which one's the Mom?! And most importantly, where are their crowns?!
*sigh* That was so long ago...

Today, in honor of National Sea Monkey Day, I read the "official website", and it's a riot.

I'm not the only one who remembers sea monkeys; I found lots of other bloggers reminiscing about them as well. They continue to be popular, believe it or not; there are sea monkey gift packs, cartoons, Halloween costumes, video games, YouTube name it!
Ok. I got that outta my system.
By the way, there are some super fun holidays coming up, but I REALLY can't wait for May 25....c'mon, you know me....


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