Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Last Stop...

Costa Maya, Mexico. We hadn't really heard of this place, or know anything about it. The fellow at the excursion desk told Lee that beyond the port was is the Mayan Jungle, and he wasn't kiddin' (I know, I know, we shoulda taken an excursion). Another tourist village with lots 'o folks to sell ya stuff. Again, the water is truly blue and beautiful, and I'm sure that the snorkeling is pretty cool!

Ship views! Looking to the south, it looks a little barren...

Beyond the "city", there are mostly small farms. 

Looking north. Wow, where is everybody?!

This pic was to capture the water color again; it was just off the pier.

Jack says these guys are just "Homeland Security"!

Looking down the pier toward the "Pink City".

Amongst the shops, is tourist haven: SeƱor Frog's! This one even has a pool! Unfortunately, you have to buy something at the restaurant to be able to use it...
We picked up a few souvenirs and made our way back to the ship. It was HOT already; Costa Maya in July would be a scorcher!

One last day at sea included: some verrry funny comedians (a highlight of the Dream), spicy pineapple chipotle cosmos (YUMMM!) in the Ocean Lounge, shrimp ceviche & basa fish (double prime rib for Jack), a cute "Newlywed" style show in the theater, and one last bask in the sun on the "adults only" Serenity Deck.
Thanks for coming along, I hope you enjoyed your cruise! (I need a job saying that! Hmmm....)
Wahhh, back to work! 

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