Saturday, May 12, 2012

Momma's Jewels

I've wanted to put some of Mom's jewelry on the blog for quite awhile. Since Mother's Day is tomorrow, I couldn't think of a better time to take out her much-loved belongings, touch them, wear them and have a good cry. It was a cathartic exercise in preparation for tomorrow, so now I'm OK! This "sample" of items is literally a smattering of the collection that Mom had; I'm sure not many pieces are worth much, monetary speaking, but the sentimental value is truly priceless.

Mom kept every piece that we had given her. Every Mother's Day, birthday and Christmas, she got jewelry, and she wore it all, making sure each piece got their turn to be seen : )

This locket was a favorite, engraved on the front with a script "W". I love that she kept her nametags, I do, too! She so enjoyed her job at Arby's in the mall in the 90's (where she made so many friends!), as well as her volunteer career at Hanover Hospital, but those two jobs represent just a few of the many positions she filled. I'm not sure who gave her the wooden rosary from Jerusalem, but it's one of MANY rosaries that she treasured.

This charm bracelet was my Grandma's, filled with a ton of us grandkids. Hey, how did my charm get in the front? ; )

Connie made these sachets for Dad's funeral. I like it to stay with one of the (thousands, probably) cedar crosses that Dad made and gave away. Mom loved silver, and always wore bangles or chains every day. I really can't remember a day when she didn't always look her best, and have her jewelry on.

I'm pretty sure this necklace-watch is from Mary, and it was one of her favorites. The Swarovski crystal bracelet is the MS Bracelet of Hope that she wore everyday for Tom. Her charm bracelet had just a few charms on it: a California state & airplane charm from visiting Patti, a sailor hat for Tom & Dave, the caduceus for Tom, and a space capsule from her visits to Florida. She also loved brooches, and I wish I had kept more. The rings pictured are: her favorite spoon ring (she had a few), my favorite ring to play dress-up with when I was a kid (the purpley one; it's actually a clear, and turns colors), the silver band that served as her wedding ring in later years, and her heart band and "O" ring that she wore everyday. The standing gold band bears the engraving "J.W.G. to C.J." which I think was my Grandma's. It makes me sad that I didn't pay better attention when Mom would tell me the stories behind so many of these things, but we'll talk about them all again one day, together again.

Anyway, Mom, happy Mother's Day. Thank you for the beautiful memories. I love you. ♥

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